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A Mortgagee Administrator must be established in FHA Catalyst. Only users who are active FHA Connection (FHAC) Application Coordinators will be granted Mortgagee Administrator access.

Mortgagee Administrators are able to perform the following actions on behalf of their organization:
  • Set up new users.
  • Manage existing user information, including name and contact details.
  • Assign module access and permissions to users.
  • Freeze or deactivate user access.
  • View users in their organization, including other Mortgagee Administrators, and user reports.
The actions above can be performed by Mortgagee Administrators for the following modules only:
  • FHA Catalyst: Case Binder Module
  • FHA Catalyst: Electronic Appraisal Delivery (EAD) Module – Access Limited to Lender Users and Service Bureau Coordinators Only. Note: Service Bureau Coordinators are lender users who manage relationships with their Appraisal Management Companies (AMCs) on behalf of their organization.
  • FHA Catalyst: Claims Module – Access Limited to Claims Managers Only
  • FHA Catalyst: Single Family Default Monitoring System (SFDMS) Reporting Module
Mortgagee Resources

User Guide

The FHA Catalyst: Mortgagee Administrator Role User Guide details instructions for onboarding and managing all users in a mortgagee's institution through the Mortgagee Administrator Role
Access the User Guide

User Training

The FHA Catalyst: Mortgagee Administrator pre-recorded training provides an overview of the Mortgagee Administrator Role. Duration: 19:37 minutes
Access the training

FHA Resource Center Knowledge Base

The FHA Resource Center's online knowledge base includes frequently asked questions about the Mortgagee Administrator Role. 
Access the Knowledge Base

Mortgagee Administrator Registration for Existing FHAC Application Coordinators

Existing FHAC Application Coordinators, with access to any FHA Catalyst module, were automatically registered as Mortgagee Administrators and the role was enabled in their FHA Catalyst profile. Additional details are outlined in the FHA Catalyst Mortgagee Administrator Role User Guide.

Current FHAC Application Coordinators without access to any of the FHA Catalyst modules were sent an email from FHACatalyst@hud.gov with a registration link and instructions on how to become a Mortgagee Administrator. If the email was not received, send the completed FHA Catalyst External User Access Request Form to answers@hud.gov with the subject line: FHA Catalyst Mortgagee Administrator.

Access for New Mortgagee Administrators

Users that were not automatically registered or did not receive the registration link for the Mortgagee Administrator role, should send the completed FHA Catalyst External User Access Request Form to answers@hud.gov with the subject line: FHA Catalyst Mortgagee Administrator.

About FHA Catalyst

FHA has embarked on a multi-year IT modernization initiative, FHA Catalyst, which is already improving how mortgagees and their authorized users do business with FHA. FHA Catalyst is supported by a $40 million appropriation from Congress and a partnership between the HUD Chief Information Officer (CIO) and the HUD Federal Housing Commissioner. FHA Catalyst is a secure, flexible, cloud-based platform that provides a modern, automated system for mortgagees, servicers, and other FHA program participants. FHA Catalyst enables FHA to more efficiently and effectively manage its programs and processes, benefiting the those who do business with FHA.