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Part of FHA's multi-year IT Modernization initiative, the Electronic Appraisal Delivery (EAD) Module is one of the components within FHA Catalyst – FHA's flexible cloud-based platform. Currently, the FHA Catalyst: EAD Module enables the electronic submission of appraisals for single family forward and Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) endorsement files.

Mandatory Transition Dates

Mortgagees must deliver appraisals through the FHA Catalyst: EAD Module based on the following mandatory transition dates:

  • Effective on and after March 14, 2023, appraisal delivery through the FHA Catalyst: EAD Module is mandatory for all cases unless a previous appraisal version was submitted to the legacy EAD portal.
  • For cases with a previous appraisal submission in the legacy EAD portal before March 14, 2023, appraisal resubmissions may continue to be delivered through the legacy EAD portal until April 17, 2023.
  • After April 17, 2023, appraisal submissions for all cases, regardless of previous submission status, must be delivered through the FHA Catalyst: EAD Module.

Until further notice, the FHA Catalyst: EAD Module will only accept appraisal resubmissions for cases initiated in the module. Prior to April 15, 2023, FHA will notify mortgagees when the FHA Catalyst: EAD Module is available to receive resubmissions initiated in the legacy EAD portal in an upcoming FHA INFO (FHA's Single Family Housing industry news email).


Mortgagee Resources

User Guide
The FHA Catalyst: EAD Module User Guide provides detailed instructions for navigating the module, including log-in support and step-by-step instructions for submitting appraisals.
Access the User Guide

User Trainings
Future trainings are in development.
Pre-recorded webinars (recorded on 8/27/2020) provide a demonstration of the module. The instructor leads the viewer through a screen-by-screen tour of the state-of-the-art appraisal submission process while explaining the input requirements, drop-down menu options, validation errors, and document upload functionality.
Duration: 20 minutes
Access the lender user webinar

FHA Resource Center Knowledge Base
The FHA Resource Center's online knowledge base includes frequently asked questions about the FHA Catalyst: EAD Module.
Access the Knowledge Base

FHA Catalyst Registration Information

The documentation required for EAD integration (ISA/MOU Legal Agreements and Authorization Forms) is still under review by HUD. Revised guidance for onboarding and registration will be provided as soon as possible. Direct Integrators, AMCs, and Lenders should hold off on submitting any documentation that they may have previously received.

Direct Integration Information

Application program interface (API) developers are encouraged to prepare for the transition in advance by requesting a copy of the FHA Catalyst: EAD Module API Developer Guide. To obtain these documents, email the FHA Resource Center at answers@hud.gov with the subject line: FHA Catalyst: EAD Module Integration Package.

Please note, the average development timeframe to integrate with the FHA Catalyst: EAD Module through an API is six to eight weeks. Questions regarding the direct integration process should be forwarded to the FHA Resource Center at answers@hud.gov.

Industry Sessions
Mortgagees and their technology service providers are encouraged to attend the bi-monthly FHA Catalyst: EAD Module meetings for assistance with transition activities. Individual sessions to discuss integration are also available. To attend the bi-weekly session invitation list or to set up individual sessions, companies should email answers@hud.gov.

About FHA Catalyst

FHA has embarked on a multi-year IT modernization initiative, FHA Catalyst, which is already improving how mortgagees and their authorized users do business with FHA. FHA Catalyst is supported by a $40 million appropriation from Congress and a partnership between the HUD Chief Information Officer (CIO) and the HUD Federal Housing Commissioner. FHA Catalyst is a secure, flexible, cloud-based platform that provides a modern, automated system for mortgagees, servicers, and other FHA program participants. FHA Catalyst enables FHA to more efficiently and effectively manage its programs and processes, benefiting the those who do business with FHA.