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Mortgagee Review Board Cases

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Docket Number Case Name Order
Date of Decision
12-F-029-MR-4 BM Real Estate Services, Inc. D/B/A Priority Financial Network Dismissal 04/10/2012
12-F-039-MR-5 AmericaHomeKey, Inc. Dismissal 05/22/2012
12-F-041-MR-6 SWI Financial Services, Inc. Dismissal 05/08/2012
12-M-012-MR-2 Freyre Mortgage Corp. Dismissal 02/06/2012
12-M-025-MR-3 Community West Mortgage, LLC Dismissal 06/18/2012
12-M-044-MR-7 Cayman Suisse Capital, Inc. Dismissal 09/14/2012
14-JM-0076-MR-007 Coral Mortgage Bankers Corp. Dismissal 08/07/2014
14-JM-0126-MR-008 Mortgage Shop, LLC Dismissal 09/24/2014
15-AF-0058-MR-001 BCB Community Bank Dismissal 05/19/2015
15-AF-0090-MR-002 City Savings Bank & Trust Dismissal 10/21/2015
16-AF-0079-MR-011 ArcStone Financial, Inc. Dismissal 05/12/2016
16-AF-0077-MR-009 Bridgeview Mortgage Corporation Dismissal 05/20/2016
16-AF-0033-MR-004 PFL, Inc. Dismissal 05/26/2016
16-AF-0015-MR-003 Pacific Premier Bank Dismissal 01/20/2016
16-AF-0006-MR-002 Mortgage Bank of California Dismissal 02/01/2016
15-JM-0106-MR-006 United Bank Dismissal 08/19/2015
15-JM-0102-MR-004 Bondcorp Realty Services, Inc. Dismissal 10/01/2015
15-JM-0091-MR-003 SecurityPlus Federal Credit Union Dismissal 10/05/2015
15-AF-0121-MR-008 First National Bank Dismissal 10/13/2015
15-AF-0105-MR-005 Citizens Trust Bank Dismissal 10/21/2015
16-AF-0097-MR-013 Global Bancorp D/B/A New Rate Lending Dismissal 08/04/2016
16-AF-0103-MR-015 ADK Bancorp, Inc. Dismissal 08/04/2016
16-AF-0111-MR-019 LGE Community Credit Union Dismissal 07/11/2016
16-AF-0115-MR-020 Union Trust Mortgage Corporation Dismissal 08/11/2016
16-AF-0154-MR-021 Home Bank Dismissal 11/29/2016
16-AF-0156-MR-023 First NBC Bank Dismissal 01/25/2017
16-JM-0002-MR-001 Telco Triad Community Credit Union Dismissal 11/23/2015
16-JM-0045-MR-005 Boulder Valley Credit Union Dismissal 03/23/2016
16-JM-0062-MR-006 MK Lending Corporation Dismissal 05/13/2016
16-JM-0071-MR-007 Southeast Funding Alliance, Inc. Dismissal 09/19/2016
06-010-MR Accent Mortgage Services, Inc. Decision 11/28/2005
Allied Financial Services, Inc. Decision 03/05/2002
07-49-MR Aspen Home Loans, L.C. Decision 08/07/2007
Associate Trust Financial Services Decision 02/04/1997
00-1066-MR Assurety Mortgage Group, Inc. (default) Decision 04/11/2001
94-002-MR Barton Funding Company, Inc. Decision 07/31/1995
10-M-060-MR-33 Best Home Loan, Inc. Decision 01/18/2011
Capitol State Mortgage Corporation Decision 03/30/2005
92-341-MR DSV Mortgage Inc., D/B/A Great American Mortgage Decision 01/25/1993
91-258-MR First Federal Mortgage of America, Inc. Decision 09/04/1992
90-134-MR First Federal Mortgage of America, Inc. Decision 02/08/1991
90-137-MR First Security Mortgage Company Decision 08/24/1990
07-028-MR First Source Financial USA, Inc. Decision 10/12/2007
90-154-MR Flagship Mortgage Services. Inc Decision 01/16/1991
95-004-MR G & R Financial Group, Inc. Decision 03/01/1995
06-001-MR Major Mortgage Corporation Decision 02/01/2006
08-018-MR Mission Mortgage Corporation Decision 01/24/2008
89-112-MR Puller Mortgage Associates, Inc. Decision 10/17/1990
10-M-079-MR RT Funding Group Dismissal 08/12/2010
07-052-MR R & G Mortgage Corporation Decision 11/20/2007
90-128-MR Security National Service Corporation Decision 03/19/1990
04-003-MR South Texas Mortgage Corporation Decision 09/03/2004
 04-061-MR Stellar Mortgage Company, Inc. Decision 08/20/2004
06-002-MR United Lending Partners, L.P. Decision 03/23/2006
16-JM-0076-MR-008 Vinson Mortgage Services, Inc. Decision 08/14/2017
19-AF-0168-MR-004 A1Mortgage Group, LLC Decision 06/04/2020
14-AF-0070-MR-006 Ofori & Associates, PC Decision 05/08/2014
14-AF-0061-MR-005 Illinois Service Federal Savings and Loan Association Dismissal 03/12/2014
14-AF-0136-MR-009 Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Co., Dismissal 11/17/2014
14-JM-0007-MR-001 First Ohio Banc & Lending, Inc., Dismissal 02/05/2014
14-JM-0030-MR-003 Acceptance Capital Mortgage Corp. Dismissal 03/05/2014
13-AF-034-MR-2 Citizens Independent Bank, Dismissal 10/31/2012
13-JM-026-MR-1 East Coast Mortgage Corp Dismissal 12/04/2012
13-JM-0070-MR-003 Sun Home Loans, Inc Dismissal 04/16/2013
13-JM-0143-MR-004 First National Bank at Paris Dismissal 09/12/2013
14-AF-0022-MR-002 Funding Incorporated, Dismissal 01/14/2014
14-AF-0045-MR-004 Chemung Canal Trust Company Dismissal 03/04/2014
19-JM-0164-MR-003 Geauga Savings Bank Dismissal 09/26/2019
20-JM-0016-MR-001 1ST RELIANT HOME LOANS, INC. Dismissal 05/07/2020
17-JM-0018-MR-005 TRM, LLC Dismissal 02/21/2017
18-JM-0085-MR-001 FirstCity Bank of Commerce Dismissal 06/14/2018
19-AF-0021-MR-001 Bedford Lending Corp Dismissal 02/27/2019
19-JM-0171-MR-005 Acceptance Capital Mortgage Corporation Dismissal 08/21/2019
17-JM-0016-MR-003 Sindeo, Inc. Dismissal 02/15/2017
17-JM-0153-MR-009 Mortgage Bank of California Dismissal 04/02/2018
18-JM-0098-MR-002 Berkshire Bank
f/k/a First Choice Bank
Dismissal 05/02/2018
19-JM-0100-MR-002 ADK Bancorp Inc. Dismissal 05/09/2019
16-JM-0104-MR-016 Acceptance Capital Mortgage Corporation Dismissal 12/05/2016
17-AF-0019-MR-006 Municipal Housing Authority Dismissal 01/26/2017
17-AF-0156-MR-010 Approved Funding Corporation Dismissal 04/10/2018
17-JM-0012-MR-002 City of Oakland Dismissal 01/04/2017
16-JM-0080-MR-012 Approved Funding Corporation Dismissal 08/30/2016
16-JM-0155-MR-022 BankTennessee Dismissal 10/11/2016
17-AF-0134-MR-008 Cooperativa de Ahorro y Credito
Hermanos Unidos
Dismissal 08/08/2017
17-JM-0006-MR-001 All in One Mortgage Lenders Dismissal 02/08/2017
16-JM-0078-MR-010 First Utah Bank Dismissal 05/19/2016
16-JM-0098-MR-014 Cooperativa de Ahorro de Credito La Puertorriquena Dismissal 04/21/2016