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The HUD Office of Hearings and Appeals (OHA) is an independent judicial office within the Office of the Secretary. The OHA is headed by the Chief Administrative Law Judge who supervises the judges and the professional and administrative support staffs.

Appointment Status: Each Administrative Judge and each Administrative Law Judge is appointed by the HUD Secretary as an Officer of the United States. The HUD Administrative Law Judges have also been appointed by other U.S. Department heads and Federal Agency heads to conduct hearings and issue decisions on matters before their respective agencies.

The OHA Judges function as independent and impartial triers of fact responsible for presiding over adversarial hearings, and adjudicating appeals, based upon alleged violations of federal statutes or their implementing regulations.

Hearing procedures are established by agency regulations and are guided by the rules applicable to trials in a U.S. district court. In each case, the judge makes an impartial decision based upon the law, and the facts established by the evidence.

Please Note: This office is not authorized to receive or act upon complaints about HUD activities or programs, or complaints about actions by individuals, organizations, corporations or housing authorities. Get more information on these related concerns: