Administrative Offset Decisions

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Docket Number Case Name Order
Date of Decision
18-AM-0086-AO-024 Dolores A. Eisele Decision 07/10/2019
18-AM-0178-AO-055 Ty and Lisa Visco Decision 03/11/2020
18-AM-0237-AO-066 Susan M. Schliewe Decision 06/21/2019
18-VH-0029-AO-010 David and Sandra L. MacDonell Decision 06/13/2019
18-VH-0039-AO-014 Carolyn Okafor Decision 08/05/2019
18-VH-0067-AO-019 Winifred W. Carter Decision 06/26/2019
18-VH-0084-AO-023 First World Mortgage Corporation Decision 06/24/2019
18-VH-0090-AO-027 Jaiba Kennedy Decision 04/01/2019
18-VH-0112-AO-032 Chiryl Arnott Decision 11/15/2019
18-VH-0133-AO-039 Mary Jolivette Decision 02/25/2019
97-C-SE-V418 Diana L. Flannigan (Holyk) Decision 06/16/1997
99-C-CH-Y304 Ronald G. Brauer Decision 02/29/2000
87-1695-G32 Martha Townsend Decision 12/30/1986
88-3271-H784 Deborah Henderson Decision 04/12/1988
12-M-NY-PP07 Miriam M. Neal Decision 05/09/2012
02-C-CH-CCC049 Juan Velazquez Decision 09/25/2003
04-K-CH-EE018 Charles Snyder and Tammy Snyder Decision 06/24/2004
10-H-NY-LL03 West Penn Financial Service Center Inc. Decision 07/29/2010
04-D-CH-EE017 Jerry and Gayla Baker Decision 03/23/2005
86-1422-F413 Ronald Durr Decision 03/28/1986
00-A-NY-AA8 Thelma Smith Decision 06/19/2000
04-A-NY-EE016 Hedieh Rezai Decision 05/10/2004
99-D-NY-Y275 Anna L. Kestner Decision 05/23/2000
00-A-NY-AA83 William Holland Decision 10/12/2000
00-A-CH-AA17 Janet L. Rodocker Decision 05/22/2000
02-D-CH-CC006 Louisiana Housing Finance Agency (Reconsideration) Decision 11/12/2003
96-G-NY-T40 Robert & Linda Helch Decision 08/08/1996
88-3032-H547 Martin Greer Decision 03/31/1988
04-K-NY-EE007 Wayne R. Cross (Reconsideration) Decision 03/10/2004
Bernadette and Pradel Bonnet Decision 03/17/2004
90-4637-L119 Dan Leedom Decision 01/08/1990
02-D-CH-CC062 Geneva H. Heneger Decision 07/11/2003
99-C-CH-Y200 Mitchell and Rosalva Fraijo Decision 03/20/2000
88-2939-H457 Lulu G. Robertson and Gloria Stewart Decision 04/12/1988
99-A-CH-Y258 John Bilotta Decision 12/29/1999
87-1786-G121 Edward D. and Judith K. Kortman Decision 04/09/1987
98-B-SE-W333 Brian Goddard Decision 11/23/1998
09-M-NY-KK07 Shirley Thomson Decision 04/16/2009
99-C-NY-Y181 Randolph L. Pitkin & Barbara Pitkin Decision 06/14/2000
99-A-CH-Y302 Lani B. Park Decision 05/25/2000
98-A-SE-W302 Justito Poblete Decision 04/30/2001
00-C-NY-AA22 Dennis & Yvonne Butcher Decision 06/15/2000
99-C-CH-Y134 Theresa Cochran Decision 07/17/2000
87-1798-G133 O'Neal Martin Decision 01/27/1987
95-A-SE-S590 Jim and Brenda Plantt Decision 06/06/1995
99-C-NY-Y138 Easter Sinclair Decision 06/08/2000
04-K-CH-EE040 Turner-Young Investments Company Decision 04/28/2005
04-A-NY-EE048 Susquehanna Mortgage Corp. (Claim A) Decision 09/16/2005
04-D-CH-FF031 Real Estate Plus Mortgage Decision 03/23/2005
05-A-CH-FF002 Newton County Resource Council Decision 09/16/2005
04-D-NY-EE032 Mortgage Capital of America, Inc Decision 03/23/2005
04-A-NY-EE044 Homestead Funding Corporation (reKornegay) Decision 02/01/2005
04-A-NY-EE043 Homestead Funding Corporation Decision 04/13/2005
09-H-NY-KK28 HomeOwners Mortgage of America Inc. Decision 03/31/2010
04-K-CH-EE023 First Millennium Mortgage Corp Decision 09/22/2004
04-K-CH-EE021 Crest Mortgage Company Decision 10/29/2004
04-A-SE-EE039 CityBank Decision 06/21/2005
06-D-NY-GG004 Cambridge Home Capital, LLC Decision 06/18/2009
08-H-CH-JJ68 KB Home Mortgage Company Decision 03/20/2009
08-H-CH-JJ43 Shirley Robinson Decision 10/15/2008
99-C-SE-Y81 Bob and Azhar Ibrahim Decision 02/23/2000
88-2871-H395 Darold W. Nelson Decision 12/31/1987
88-2848-H372 Thomas R. Herrin Decision 12/09/1987
99-C-SE-Y80 Issac and Emma Wilson (Reconsideration) Decision 12/26/2000
86-1283-F290 Joe P. Emerson Decision 03/13/1986
88-2976-H493 Sam and Ruth Huerta Decision 03/07/1988
87-2230-G560 James F. Walsh Decision 03/13/1987
04-A-CH-EE052 Edgar Joyner Sr. Decision 07/15/2005
88-3274-H787 George Ritter Decision 04/12/1988
02-C-NY-CC059 Michael and Nancy Credle Decision 03/14/2003
99-C-NY-AA12 John F. McGinty, Jr. & Estate of John F. McGinty, Sr. Decision 07/27/2000
87-2534-H67 Gay Lee Marriott Decision 03/02/1988
90-5083-L606 Charles Bridy Decision 04/17/1990
86-1164-F172 David E. Davis Decision 02/25/1986
87-2532-H65 Nancy A. Johnson Decision 12/18/1987
88-2820-H344 Kenneth L. Moore Decision 12/18/1987
97-B-SE-W227 Tammie and Donald Purcell Decision 03/17/1998
02-C-CH-CC053 Frank and Jessie Collins Decision 03/19/2003
02-C-CH-CC050 William L. Roberts, Jr. (Reconsideration) Decision 02/18/2004
08-H-CH-JJ37 Patricia A. Williams Decision 12/14/2008
90-4913-L436 Sharon Dell Decision 02/07/1990
87-2518-H51 Valerie L. Karpanai Decision 01/27/1988
95-A-NY-S789 Thelma Phillips (Reconsideration) Decision 02/16/1996
87-2381-G701 Lawrence P. Pappu (Reconsideration) Decision 01/20/1987
87-2513-H46 Cora O. Davis Decision 04/25/1988
01-C-CH-BB54 Samuel Jackson (Reconsideration) Decision 03/23/2001
08-H-CH-JJ69 Data Mortgage, Inc. Decision 04/22/2009
86-1424-F415 Espiridion Quiroz Decision 03/11/1986
00-C-CH-AA28 Frank Flores Decision 09/06/2000
93-C-SE-R500 James & Richard Thompson (Reconsideration) Decision 09/14/1994
92-A-7048-N739 Edward Sanchez Decision 07/17/1992
12-M-NY-PP18 Charles E. Simpson & Elizabeth Mary Jackson Decision 04/19/2012
87-2036-G367 Gary & Karen Hill Decision 04/03/1987
89-4544-L32 Idolina Munoz Decision 07/27/1990
89-4602-L87 Michael Therrel Decision 04/06/1990
88-2663-H192 Jesse High Decision 01/29/1988
91-C-6101-N105 Lois Nottingham Decision 03/05/1992
87-2224-G554 Terry Lee Mullins Decision 03/20/1988
90-5063-L586 Henrietta Fritz Decision 09/10/1990
99-C-CH-Y15 Gene & Janet Vallini Decision 01/05/2000
04-D-CH-EE015 Beckie Thompson Decision 04/29/2005
87-1892-G224 Ingrid Witte Decision 06/16/1998
87-1982-G314 Mary Jane Lyons Hardy Decision 07/15/1987
18-VH-0137-AO-042 Joel Lozano Decision 11/04/2019
18-VH-0156-AO-050 James P. Minchener Decision 11/15/2019
18-VH-0164-AO-052 Michael L. Britton Decision 11/18/2019
18-VH-0166-AO-054 Shalese Simpson Decision 11/27/2019
19-AF-0157-AO-049 Associated Mortgage Bankers Decision 02/28/2020
19-VH-0012-AO-002 David Crescenzi Decision 10/03/2019
19-VH-0042-AO-011 AnnMarie Bennett and Joseph Erivez Decision 12/20/2019
19-VH-0063-AO-025 Shad Saromines Decision 04/22/2019
19-VH-0113-AO-039 Tammy Chance Decision 07/15/2019
20-AF-0063-AO-011 Wakefield Housing Commission Decision 04/03/2020
17-VH-0119-AO-063 Sarah McKinney Decision 05/12/2018
17-VH-0120-AO-064 Lourdes Ortiz Decision 06/12/2018
17-VH-0122-AO-065 Dan Burns Decision 06/13/2018
17-VH-0125-AO-068 Daniel and Kerri Vincent Decision 08/22/2018
17-VH-0126-AO-069 Amanda Ray Durham Decision 08/22/2018
17-VH-0132-AO-071 Venus Wethington Decision 09/10/2018
17-VH-0200-AO-077 Malissa Edmond Decision 03/04/2019
17-VH-0211-AO-078 Melissa Stahovich Decision 04/11/2019
18-AM-0040-AO-015 Tresaca Hamilton Decision 07/17/2019
18-AM-0046-AO-016 Doris De Jesus Decision 07/17/2019
17-VH-0021-AO-003 Eric Racher Decision 10/25/2017
17-VH-0039-AO-011 Melissa Register Decision 12/04/2017
17-VH-0056-AO-019 Martha E. Kumer Decision 11/09/2017
17-VH-0059-AO-017 Sheila Smith Decision 12/04/2017
17-VH-0060-AO-018 Robert and Denise Winter Decision 09/28/2018
17-VH-0073-AO-025 Alisia Kelly aka Polzin Decision 01/11/2018
17-VH-0078-AO-027 Carol Gilbert-Whitman Decision 04/23/2018
17-VH-0092-AO-034 Cynthia A. Henderson Decision 03/19/2018
17-VH-0094-AO-036 Jacqueline and James McPeters Decision 01/16/2018
17-VH-0116-AO-061 Janet L. Fryer Decision 01/11/2018