Administrative Wage Garnishment Decisions

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Docket Number Case Name Order
Date of Decision
04-D-SE-AWG45 Calvin Beckwith Decision 03/07/2005
04-D-SE-AWG45 Brandie Belcher Decision 12/08/2004
12-M-CH-AWG23 Michelle Edwards Decision 04/12/2012
03-A-NY-AWG23 Roberta K. Vallaster Decision 07/28/2003
03-A-CH-AWG03 Darrell Van Kirk Decision 01/27/2003
08-M-CH-AWG26 Gary Cannady Decision 06/12/2009
04-A-CH-AWG24 Chanetta Tolliver Decision 08/26/2004
03-A-CH-AWG37 Terrie LaCombe Fritcher Decision 01/12/2004
03-A-CH-AWG29 Debra Green Decision 10/03/2003
03-A-CH-AWG17 Dana Phillips Decision 04/29/2003
04-D-CH-AWG41 Cynthia Abernethy Decision 03/23/2005
03-C-CH-AWG02 Danny J. Huckeba and Ronda K. Huckeba Decision 12/13/2003
03-D-NY-AWG04 Marie O. Gaylor Decision 02/07/2003
03-A CH-AWG01 Eric Cicalese Decision 01/03/2003
04-D-NY-AWG40 Kim Jones Decision 01/21/2005
04-K-CH-AWG04 Carol V. Weaver Decision 02/04/2004
03-A-CH-AWG31 Frank C. Collins Decision 01/12/2004
03-A-CH-AWG26 Reginald B. Taplin Decision 08/07/2003
03-D-CH-AWG22 Mary L. Lewis Decision 07/07/2003
03-D-NY-AWG21 Lisa A. Wilson Decision 07/03/2003
03-D-CH-AWG18 Shane Snelson Decision 06/12/2003
08-H-CH-AWG19 Muriel Redd Decision 12/12/2008
12-M-CH-AWG05 Carolyn A. Reed Decision 01/10/2012
12-M-CH-AWG29 Donna King Decision 06/07/2012
12-H-CH-AWG36 Elner Caro Decision 06/08/2012
06-K-CH-AWG35 John R. Smith Decision 11/30/2007
09-H-CH-AWG12 Monica Halley, aka Monica Durkin Decision 04/30/2010
07-A-CH-HH10 Lawrence Syrovatka Decision 11/14/2008
09-H-NY-AWG108 Karl A. Mason Decision 11/12/2009
09-M-CH-AWG22 Sheryl Townsend Decision 04/28/2009
03-C-CH-AWG08 Howard G. Casey Decision 12/27/2002
03-D-CH-AWG05 Sharon E. Bush Decision 01/17/2003
12-M-NY-AWG25 Scott Furno Decision 04/19/2012
12-M-CH-AWG27 Judith Herrera Decision 07/13/2012
04-A-CH-AWG11 Carl L. Williams Decision 07/20/2004
04-K-NY-AWG06 Melvin Bryant Decision 03/24/2004
04-A-CH-AWG12 Renne Houghton Brown Decision 03/01/2004
03-A-NY-AWG34 Anglea Dyches Decision 02/12/2004
03-A-NY-AWG36 Barry Barbare Decision 01/29/2004
03-A-NY-AWG19 Sean A. Whitworth Decision 09/08/2003
03-A-CH-AWG14 Damon McMillon Decision 06/23/2003
03-A-NY-AWG27 Todd Hinesley Decision 01/07/2004
03-A-CH-AWG09 Jo Dean Wilson Decision 01/30/2003
04-D-CH-AWG41 Franklin Harper Decision 03/23/2005
03-A-CH-AWG28 Elva and Gilbert Loera Decision 07/30/2004
03-A-CH-AWG25 Dale M. Hamon Decision 08/07/2003
12-M-CH-AWG18 Mahmood Hosseinzadeh Decision 03/29/2012

The decisions indexed and posted on this website as Administrative Offsets may address issues that are relevant to Administrative Wage Garnishment Decisions.