Grant Program Policy Guidance

Policy guidances are listed below for grantees conducting lead hazard remediation under OLHCHH grant programs:


Policy Guidance Number



Closeout Procedures for OLHCHH Grantees


Pandemic - Related Income Verification Applicability Extension

Determining Subrecipient or Contractor Classification
► Checklist for Determining Subrecipient or Contractor Classification for PG 2019-01

Purpose and Use of Healthy Homes Supplemental Funding (HHSupp) - Revised
Income Verification Guidance
Office of Lead Hazard Control and Healthy Homes Grant Procurement Standards
Treating 0-Bedroom Pre-1978 Units with a Child under Age 6 & under Lead Hazard Control Grant
Determining Subrecipient or Contractor Classification

New Policy for Dust-Lead Action Levels for Risk Assessment and Clearance
Fact sheet on LHC grants dust-lead Policy Guidance 2017-01

Lead in Water
Purpose and Use of Healthy Homes Supplemental Funding
Updated eLOCCS Procedures
Clarification of Costs for LBPHC and LHRD Grant Programs
Eligibility of Units for Assistance
Income Verification Guidance
Use of Lead Hazard Control funds in non-target housing and other prohibited activities
Lead Hazard Evaluation and Control of Lead Dust Hazards in Carpeting
Requesting Grant Amendments
LOCCS Policy Guidance Including Administrative Cost (Superseded by PGI 2015-02)
Lead Inspection-Risk Assessment Reporting and Documentation
Section 3 Submission Procedures
Grant Close Out Procedures
Units Counted as Match
Enrolling Previously Assisted Units
Administrative Costs (Superseded by PGI 2015-01)
Liquidating contractual obligations during the Closeout Period
Undertaking Minimal Rehabilitation using OHHLHC grant funds
Activities Permitted Prior to Environmental Review/Request for Release of Funds
Use of OHHLHC Grant Funds on Units Subject to Enforcement Actions
Revised Work Plan development guidance
Elimination or Control of all Identified Lead-Based Paint Hazards
Use Of Contractors Trained In Lead-Safe Work Practices To Conduct Interim Controls
Lead Hazard Control in Multi-Family Housing Containing Ineligible Units
EPA Policy on Excluding LBP Wastes from RCRA Hazardous Waste Requirements
Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996
Timely Provision of Blood Lead Testing For Children Less Than Six Years of Age
Closeout Procedures for Lead-Based Paint Hazard Control Grants
Revised Environmental Review Procedures and Requirements
Combining Lead Hazard Control Efforts with Rehabilitation
Eligibility of certain publicly owned housing for assistance under Lead Hazard Control grants
Modification To 12-Month Follow-Up Dust-Wipe Testing Requirement
Reassessment of Data Collection Required for Non-Evaluation Grantees
Section 3 – Memorandum of Understanding
Lead Hazard Control Costs