Economic Development Initiative - Community Project Funding Grants

Welcome to the Economic Development Initiative/Community Project Funding landing page. Here HUD’s Congressional Grants Division will provide up-to-date information for recipients of Congressionally-directed grants starting in Fiscal Year 2022.

The Congressional Grants Division in HUD’s Office of Community Planning and Development is responsible for the administration of congressionally directed spending, commonly known as “earmarks,” for community project funding. These grants reflect projects that were identified in the annual appropriations legislation.

HUD looks forward to working with awardees on their projects. Please direct your inquiries to the Congressional Grants Division at or your Grant Officer listed here: Community Project Funding (CPF) Portfolio Assignments.


What are Community Project Funding Grants?

Congress directs that certain fund be awarded to a particular entity and be spent on the project or purpose identified in the authorizing legislation for Community Project Grants.  This provision is made explicit in a particular fiscal year’s appropriations bill.  Entities that are not named within that appropriations bill may not access these funds.

What entities may receive these funds?

Only the entity named by Congress in the Congressional Record for the relevant fiscal year may apply for and receive these grant funds. Grantees typically include State and local governments, nonprofits and Tribal communities.

These funds finance a wide variety of public project activities including facilities site planning and preparation; facilities construction, renovation, rehabilitation or purchase; streetscaping; development or improvement of parks or other public spaces; and many others.


HUD’s Congressional Grants Division encourages grantees to submit their Project Narrative and Project Budget to their Grant Officer by December 31, 2022. Fiscal Year 2022 grants must be obligated by September 30, 2025 and spent by September 30, 2030.
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Point of Contact

Please send general inquiries to the Congressional Grants Division mailbox at Contact information for Grant Officers and Regional Environmental Officers are below:​

Grant Officers
Community Project Funding (CPF) Portfolio Assignments
  • Primary contact for duration of award period
  • Overall grant administration
  • Reviews Project Narrative and Project Budget for completion and verifies with intent of Congress
  • Initiates Grant Agreement and grant award process
  • Coordinates the closeout of the award and post- closeout actions (i.e. real property disposition)
Regional Environmental Officers
HUD Environmental Staff Contacts
  • Coordinates Part 50 Concept Meetings to determine level of environmental review, consultation needs, and a timeline
  • Reviews and analyzes Part 50 environmental review information provided by grantees
  • Responsible for Part 50 environmental findings and determinations


Content current as of September 22, 2022.