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Economic Development Initiative - Community Project Funding Grants

The Congressional Grants Division in HUD’s Office of Community Planning and Development is responsible for the administration of congressionally directed spending, commonly known as “earmarks,” for community project funding.  These grants reflect projects that may be identified in HUD’s annual legislative language. 

HUD looks forward to working with awardees on their projects.  Please feel free to direct your inquiries to the Congressional Grants Division at CPFGrants@hud.gov.


What are Community Project Funding Grants?

Congress directs that certain fund be awarded to a particular entity and be spent on the project or purpose identified in the authorizing legislation for Community Project Grants.  This provision is made explicit in a particular fiscal year’s appropriations bill.  Entities that are not named within that appropriations bill may not access these funds. 

What entities may receive these funds?

Only the entity named by Congress in HUD’s Conference Report or Congressional Record for the relevant fiscal year may apply for and receive these grant funds.

Typically, HUD coordinates with the following types of recipients for these grants:

  • State, local governments
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Tribal communities

These funds finance a wide variety of public project activities including facilities site planning and preparation; facilities construction, renovation, rehabilitation or purchase; streetscaping; development or improvement of parks or other public spaces; and many others.

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Point of Contact
  • Please forward your questions to the Congressional Grants Division mailbox at CPFGrants@hud.gov. Additional contact information will be posted as available.
  • For assistance with Economic Development Initiative-Special Project grants or Neighborhood Initivaitve grants awarded between FY1998 and FY2010, please contact HUD's Office of Policy Development and Coordination at https://www.hud.gov/program_offices/comm_planning/opdc


Content current as of June 15, 2022.

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