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Native Advantage: Loan Origination Module

The Loan Origination Module enables Lenders to submit the Uniform Residential Loan Application (URLA) documents along with the purchase contract and eligibility enrollment documents when required. It eliminates the manual steps for Lenders to submit a ONAP Form 50131 by automating the assignment of a ONAP Case Number after performing initial eligibility tests of the Borrower Affiliation, Loan Amount, Terms and Lending Area. The Module allows users to save the application and submit the form for assignment of the Case Number after all required documents are provided.

The Loan Origination Module will be deployed at a future date in 2022.


About Native Advantage

Native Advantage is a secure modern platform that provides a single point of access for the Section 184 and Section 184A Loan Guarantee Program participants.  This new platform provides a foundation to support ONAP’s will fulfill its mission to increase access to safe and affordable housing for Native American communities.