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About Native Advantage

Native Advantage is a secure modern platform that provides a single point of access for the Section 184 and Section 184A Loan Guarantee Program participants.  This new platform provides a foundation to support ONAP’s mission to increase access to safe and affordable housing for Native American communities.

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Live Modules

The Native Advantage platform currently contains the functionality to submit, edit, and track claims in the Section 184/184A Loan Guarantee Program, enabling a one-stop streamlined process for Lenders, Servicers, and ONAP.



Coming Soon!

The next release of Native Advantage includes the Loan Originations Module, as well as improved features for the Claims Module.  These modernized technologies and systems enable ONAP, Lenders and Servicers to focus on our incredible mission of increasing the supply of safe, decent, and affordable housing available to Native American families.


Native Advantage Overview Video 

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Learn more about the claims process and access additional resources.


Loan Origination

Learn more about ONAP’s loan origination system and access additional resources.


Case Binder

Learn more about ONAP Case Binder and access additional resources.



Coming Soon.



Native Advantage Claims Module is now live! Click here to go to the portal to log in! New user? Click here  to sign up!