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Native Advantage: Claims Module

The Claims Module is one component of Native Advantage, ONAP’s new platform, which is being built as part of ONAP’s multi-year information technology (IT) modernization initiative.

The Native Advantage platform streamlines claims to better serve your needs!

Lenders and Servicers previously submitted claims for Section 184/184A guaranteed loans by filling out and mailing lengthy paper forms and documents; Native Advantage: Claims module eliminates this labor-intensive paper process for ONAP-approved Direct Guarantee Lenders and Servicers. Native Advantage Resources  
The Claims Module Release 1.0 reduces the required fields on the claims submission forms and provides for the electronic submission of Conveyance – Parts A & B, Assignment, Supplemental, Claims Without Conveyance of Title (CWCOT), Pre-foreclosure Sale (PFS), Special Forbearance, and Loan Modification claims.

ONAP, in collaboration with the Office of the Chief Digital Services Officer (OCDSO), is continuing development on the Native Advantage: Claims Module and will be adding additional claim types to the Claims Module in the coming months to modernize the full claims process.
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Loss Mitigation Advance Claim (LMA) Submissions

In the wake of the current COVID-19 crisis, ONAP focused efforts on building capabilities for submitting and processing loss mitigation advance claim types to help with the challenges resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Implementing the loss mitigation advance claim types on the Native Advantage platform is part of ONAP’s mission to create a modern and uniform process for submitting claims. All five of the loss mitigation claim types are available on the Native Advantage: Claims Module Release 1.0:

  • Special Forbearance (Type 31)
  • Loan Modification (Type 32)
  • National Emergency Partial Claim (Type 33)
  • HAMP Partial Claim (Type 33)
  • Natural Disaster Partial Claim (Type 33)
  • National Emergency Loss Mitigation Advance Claim (Type 33)
  • Loss Mitigation Advance Claim (Type 33)
  • Natural Disaster Loss Mitigation Advance Claim (Type 33)


Native Advantage Claims Technology Enhances Processes and Data Integrity

This state-of-the-art automation eliminates redundant work, provides error check processes, and enhances data integrity, leading to more accurate and efficient submissions. The platform also provides real-time access to claims data submissions, which offers new tracking capabilities for Lenders, Servicers, and ONAP.

In addition, ONAP has released initial reporting and dashboard capabilities on the Claims Module.  These reports are available at the following frequencies: daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly. The dashboard showcases:

  • All submitted claim types by the submitter;
  • All claims by organization;
  • The number of suspended, rejected or deleted, and paid claims;
  • The number of claims paid with the requested and actual claim amounts; and
  • Bulk upload claims summaries with completed successfully and failures.

ONAP will continue to expand the reporting and dashboard functionality so that users will have greater access to their claims submission data.

Native Advantage Onboarding

All new Native Advantage users will need to complete the Native Advantage Claims Module Access Request Form and submit the completed form to ONAP-OLGSystemsAccess@hud.gov.


About Native Advantage

Native Advantage is a secure modern platform that provides a single point of access for the Section 184 and Section 184A Loan Guarantee Program participants.  This new platform provides a foundation to support ONAP’s mission to increase access to safe and affordable housing for Native American communities.