Section 232 Healthcare Documents (OMB 2502-0605)

Based on OMB approval of the entire Section 232 Healthcare document collection (January 20, 2023), the renewed documents on this page should be used for all Section 232 transactions. ORCF is allowing for a transition period until May 1, 2023 for use of the renewed documents, but the renewed documents may be used immediately. All Section 232 transactions after May 1, 2023 must use the documents below.

Accounts Receivable Documents
Asset Management Documents
Closing Documents
Consolidated Certifications
Construction Documents
Escrow Documents
Legal Documents
Master Lease Documents
Underwriting Documents
Underwriting Lender Narratives
241a - Supplemental Loan Documents

Security Instrument/ Mortgage/ Deed of Trust Addenda (various states) (94000)

Healthcare Facility Note - Rider (various states) (94001)