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Systems for the Housing Industry

HUD has many online systems available for its business partners and citizens. This matrix lists these systems for each audience group. Click on the links below to access a system. If you don't see your audience group on this page, select a different matrix in the related information box.

Active Partners Performance System (APPS)            
Appraiser Selection by  Lender            
Approved Appraisers      
Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) For Single Family Housing            
Fair Market Rents          
Family Reporting System Software            
FHA Connection            
FY 1997 Multifamily Initial Endorsements            
FY 1998 Multifamily Initial Endorsements            
FY 94-96 Multifamily Initial Endorsements            
Ginnie  Mae            
Government Sponsored Enterprise Datasets          
Grants Program Inventory (GPI)      
Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA)            
Housing Authority  Profiles          
HUD Approved Lenders            
HUD Condominium Projects          
HUDclips: HUD Handbooks, Regulations, And Forms
HUDuser Bibliographic Database
Indian Housing Plan            
Insured Multifamily Database            
Integrated Disbursement and Information System (IDIS)            
Lender Electronic Assessment Portal (LEAP)            
Limited Denials of Participation  
M2M System          
Maximum Mortgage Limits          
Multifamily Tenant Characteristics System (MTCS)          
Neighborhood Watch          
PIH Information Center (PIC)          
PIH On-Line Systems          
Real Estate Assessment Center Online Systems          
Real Estate Management System (REMS)            
Report Form 9902            
Section 3 Summary Report System            
Section 8 Expiring Contracts Data            
Section 8 Management Assessment Program (SEMAP)          
Tenant Income Verification System (TEVS)          
Tenant Rental Assistance Certification System (TRACS)            
Terminated Multifamily Mortgages Database            
Title Eight Automated Paperless Office Tracking System (TEAPOTS)