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Eviction Prevention for Renters: Utah

Eviction - What it is and what you need to know - Eviction is a legal process initiated by your landlord through your local court.

  • The Utah Courts website has a lot of useful information you need to know if your landlord is petitioning the court to evict you.

Utah Legal Services has information that is available to everyone:

COVID Related Rent Assistance - If you are being evicted because of a COVID related income shortfall, there is financial assistance available through the State of Utah

Short term emergency assistance - If you need short term emergency assistance, contact your nearest Community Action Agency. Financial assistance isn’t always available, they run out sometimes. But you need to call to find out.

Landlord-Tenant mediation services - Some Community Action Agencies offer Landlord-Tenant mediation services, an alternative to legal action and sometimes eviction.

Legal Assistance - If you are being evicted for a reason that is not justified (other than non-payment of rent or violation of the lease) you should get the assistance of an attorney to represent you in court.

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