Submit Requests Electronically to the Multifamily West Region

The Multifamily West Region is pleased to announce the creation of centralized email inboxes to assist owners and management agents of multifamily properties.  We encourage all requests for processing to be submitted to our centralized mailboxes rather than directly to your HUD Account Executive or via paper mail. 

Benefits to Owners and Management Agents

  • Convenience: Option to use email rather than paper mail.
  • Simplicity: One simple address to which you may send all requests – no need to determine which HUD employee is servicing your property.
  • Customer Service: HUD staff will log and route your request. 


  • If your property is located in Alaska, California, Hawaii, Idaho, Nevada or Oregon, send requests to
  • If your property is located in Arizona, Colorado, Montana, North Dakota,  South Dakota,  Utah, Washington or Wyoming, send requests to
  • Format the subject line as follows: Request Type, Project Name, FHA # or Contract #
  • Example: Management Cert, Market St Apts, 121-11111
  • To reduce email duplication and to ensure that our office properly logs your request, please do not send a copy to your HUD Account Executive. 
  • Preservation deals in states serviced by the San Francisco Regional Center should have the word “Preservation” in the subject line and be cc’d to

Request Types

  • All types of requests will be accepted at these mailboxes.
  • Examples of common processing requests:
  • Contract renewals
  • Exigent Health & Safety (EH&S) certifications
  • Management certifications
  • Reserve for Replacement (R4R) releases
  • Rent increases and utility allowance adjustments 

Account Executives will continue to handle all technical assistance requests. 

We strongly encourage you to take advantage of this new option and we welcome your feedback. If you have any questions, feel free to contact a HUD Account Executive.