Concept Meetings
Serving Alaska, California, Hawaii, Idaho, Nevada and Oregon

Lenders must participate in a Concept Meeting with the Hub, either in person or by teleconference prior to application submission for: a) all market rate and affordable 221d4 new construction/substantial rehabilitation projects, and b) 223f refinancing/purchase transaction if there are concerns about marketability, environment, competing proposals or for projects with significant cash out or large loans.

Concept meetings are generally conducted on Thursdays at 2:30 pm PST. They can be scheduled by contacting the San Francisco Multifamily Hub Concept Meeting Submission.

A minimum of a week in advance, the lender must submit information. It is outlined in Mortgagee letter ML 2010-21,Section IV, Processing Improvements. Form HUD-92013 is to be completed to the extent possible. Once the information has been submitted, the San Francisco Multifamily Hub will review the concept package and schedule a teleconference or, if requested, an in-person meeting.  The information must be submitted to the San Francisco Multifamily Hub Concept Meeting Submission electronically (one copy) via pdf email and a hard copy (one copy) to Department of Housing and Urban Development, Insured Production Concept Meetings, 1 Sansome Street, 12th Floor, San Francisco, CA 94104. 

The meeting can be held in person, via teleconference or a combination of both, based on your request.  An email response will be provided to you following the meeting, which will summarize the results of the concept meeting discussion.