Davis Bacon and Labor Standards
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Davis Bacon and Labor Standards Reporting and Requests

Reporting Requirements and Other Requests

Form Number Report Name Purpose Frequency Submission Due
Maintenance Wage Rate Determination
HUD-4751 Maintenance Wage Rate Survey Used to perform a wage survey in the agency's operating area to determine prevailing wages for maintenance staff classifications. Annually Due 60 days prior to FYB*
HUD-4752 Maintenance Wage Rate Survey Summary Sheet Used to summarize survey data collected and calculate by majority or weighted average to get the prevailing wage for different maintenance staff classifications. Annually Due 60 days prior to FYB
HUD-4750 Maintenance Wage Rate Recommendation Used to propose annual maintenance wages rates for the entry level wage of maintenance classifications employed at the LCA, i.e. PHAs, TDHES, THPs. Includes part-time employees performing maintenance functions. Annually Due 60 days prior to FYB
Semi-Annual Reports
HUD-4710 Semi-Annual Labor Standards Report - Local Contracting Agencies (HUD Programs) Used to report contracts executed by the Local Contracting Agency (PHAs, TDHEs, THPs, Cities and States) that are subject to Davis-Bacon. Semi-annually Due for the 10/1-3/31 and 4/1-9/30 reporting periods on April 8 and October 8 respectively.
Additional Classification Request
HUD-4230A Additional Classification Request To request a wage rate for a job classification that is not on a wage decision. As needed As needed

 * FYB - Fiscal Year Begining
   LCA - Local Contracting Agency
   PHA - Public Housing Authority
   TDHE - Tribally Designated Housing Entity
   THP - Tribal Housing Program that administers Native American Housing and Self Determination Act (NAHASDA) grant funds.

Form Instructions

Maintenance Wage Rate Survey HUD-4751 Instructions are provided on the form on HUDCLIPS.

  • Surveys are conducted within the operating area of the agency for its HUD-funded programs.
  • Potential Employer Sources for the survey include: State, Tribal, County, and municipal governments; public utilities; school districts; colleges; nursing homes and hospitals; non-profit shelters and service providers; hotels and motels; large apartment complexes; office buildings and complexes; retail shopping malls; stores and outlets; condominium/homeowner associations; property management company's and professional maintenance and repair services.

    Sources to compile a list of such employers include:
  • Chambers of Commerce
  • Boards of Realtors (for apartment complexes)
  • Union/Labor Organizations
  • Commercial Business Directories
  • Property Management Companies

Maintenance Wage Rate Survey Summary Sheet HUD-4752
Instructions are provided on the form on HUDCLIPS.

Maintenance Wage Rate Recommendation HUD-4750

Form is self-explanatory. If you have any questions on how to complete, please contact your Labor Standards Specialist (LSS).

Semi-Annual Labor Standards Enforcement Report - Local Contracting Agencies (HUD Programs) HUD-4710

Instructions are provided with the form on HUDCLIPS.

Report Davis-Bacon contracts executed during the reporting period. The LCA must submit this report even if there has been no activity during the reporting period.

Additional Classification Request HUD 4230A

Instructions are provided with the form on HUDCLIPS.

Fill out boxes 2-10 of the form only. The rest of the form is completed by the Office of Labor Standards and Enforcement. If you would like a template that has box 1., filled in, ask your LSS to email you a copy.

When completing box 6., include the wage decision number, the modification number and the date of the wage decision, i.e., CO150014 Mod 7, 11/27/15.

When completing box. 7., enter the bid opening date or contract date whichever came first. If there was no bid opening, use the contract date.

The mailing address on the form instructions has changed. It is:

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
Office of Davis Bacon and Labor Standards
1670 Broadway
Denver, CO 80202

ATTN: Daryl Hernandez, Labor Standards Specialist if he is your specialist or
ATTN: Jennifer Scott, Labor Standards Specialist, if she is your specialist.


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Contact Information and Territories

Daryl L. Hernandez, Labor Standards Specialist, (303) 839-2638, Fax: (303) 672-5004, Email: Daryl.L.Hernandez@hud.gov

Southern Colorado including the following counties: Alamosa, Arapahoe, Archuleta, Baca, Bent, Chaffee, Cheyenne, Conejos, Costilla, Crowley, Custer, Delta, Denver, Dolores, Douglas, El Paso, Freemont, Gunnison, Hinsdale, Huerfano, La Plata, Las Animas, Lincoln, Mesa, Mineral, Montezuma, Montrose, Otero, Ouray, Park, Prowers, Pueblo, Rio Grande, Saguache, San Juan, and San Miguel. 

States North Dakota and Utah.

Jennifer L. Scott, Labor Standards Specialist, (303) 672-5176, Fax: (303) 672-5004,

Northern Colorado including the following counties: Adams, Boulder, Broomfield, Jefferson, Larimer, Logan, Morgan, Phillips, Sedgwick, Weld, and Yuma. 

States of Montana, South Dakota, Nebraska, and Wyoming.