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Economic and Market Analysis Division
Serving Colorado, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah, Wyoming

HUD economists in Denver prepare analyses and forecasts of economic and housing market conditions in the Rocky Mountain region. Economic and Market Analysis Division (EMAD) staff report to the office of the Assistant Secretary for Policy Development and Research (PDR) at HUD Headquarters in Washington DC. 

Field economists also provide assistance to HUD program areas in local offices. The Supervisory Economist for Region VIII serves as the principal economic advisor to the HUD Regional Administrator. Field economists prepare briefings for local congressional staff, attend state and regional economic roundtables. 

They respond to requests for data on specific topics such as housing market conditions, affordable housing needs, and homeownership trends. Recommendations made by economists are also part of the FHA underwriting processes of the Department.

HUD Region VIII economists maintain current data on housing market conditions in the Rocky Mountain region. They prepare regional summaries for HUD's quarterly publication, "U.S. Housing Market Conditions." They provide quarterly updates on economic conditions in the region and the nation. They prepare reports on housing conditions in local market areas.

Economists also provide data, advice and recommendations to HUD staff, lenders, developers, finance agencies, and state and local governments. 

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