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Office of Community Planning and Development: Region VIII Contacts

To contact our staff, call or email.

Name Title Phone Geographic Assignment
Noemi Ghirghi Director (303) 672-5199  
Sam Potter  Program Manager (303) 672-5166 West Valley, Taylorsville
Chris Davis  Program Manager (303) 672-5485  
Elizabeth Clark Senior CPD Representative (303) 672-5067 State of North Dakota, Bismarck, Fargo, Grand Forks, Castle Rock, Minot
Stephanie Morey Senior CPD Representative (303) 672-5080 State of Wyoming, Cheyenne, Ogden, St. George
Don Morris Senior CPD Representative (303) 672-5418 State of Colorado, Boulder, Broomfield, Longmont
Lisa Ronér Senior CPD Representative (303) 672-5395 State of Utah, Davis County, Clearfield, Arapahoe County, Logan
Phillip Stonecipher Senior CPD Representative (303) 672-5488 State of Montana, Adams County, Commerce, Thornton
Jennifer Schumann Senior CPD Representative (303) 672-5198 Denver, Colorado Springs, El Paso County, Jefferson County, Westminster
Chloe Lomprey Senior CPD Representative (303) 672-5183 South Dakota, Salt Lake City, Rapid City, Sioux Falls
Benjamin Alamprese CPD Representative (303) 672-5193 Aurora, Provo, Billings, Utah County
Daisy Gallardo CPD Representative (303) 672-5321 Salt Lake County, Sandy, West Jordan, Layton, South Jordan
Stewart Guderian CPD Representative (303) 672-5255 Grand Junction, Lakewood, Fort Collins, Arvada
Thomas Langehaug CPD Representative (303) 672-5495 Greeley, Weld County, Loveland, Missoula
Angel Johnson CPD Representative (303) 672-5102 Great Falls, Pueblo, Orem, Lehi
Patrick Maxwell Financial Analyst (303) 672-5188  
Paul Velasquez Financial Analyst (303) 672-5196  
Jade Santoro Relocation Specialist (303) 672-5069