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Midwest Multifamily Production

Production Staff Directory

Application Submission Protocol

Electronic Closing Documents Instructions

Production Leadership

Stephen Ott, Production Division Director - Chicago
(312) 913-8164

Branch Chief Teams

Underwriting Branch 1 (Chicago)
Lesley Johnson, Branch Chief
(312) 913-8266

Underwriting Branch 2 (Chicago)
Paul Vasilakos, Branch Chief
(312) 913-8146

Technical Specialist Branch 1 (Chicago)
John Schneider, Branch Chief
(312) 913-8129

Underwriter Branch 3 (Detroit)
Christopher Nielsen, Branch Chief
(313) 234-7511

Technical Specialist Branch 2 (Detroit)
Eric Golicz, Branch Chief
(313) 234-7496

Underwriter Branch 4 (Minneapolis)
Ray Stiles, Branch Chief
(612) 843-6443

Application Submission Protocol

All applications for the Multifamily Midwest Region, including projects located in IL, IN, MI, MN, OH and WI, must be sent to a single point of contact for processing. The following procedures will be implemented to ensure the timely processing of applications:

  1. Early requests for FHA #s in conjunction with Pay.gov application fee submissions should be sent to the following email using the template provided below:
    FHA Number Request Template
  2. During the period of time HUD offices are working remotely due to COVID-19, lenders will submit an electronic application to mwloanincoming@hud.gov using a secure file transfer platform. Instructions for hard copy application submission or components of the application that need to be received in hard copy during application review will come from the assigned underwriter on individual transactions.
  3. Applications will be uploaded and assigned to the Regional Office or a Satellite Office for processing;
  4. Lenders will be notified of the office processing the application and receive instructions from the assigned underwriter on where to forward hard copies of the application;
  5. All concept meetings will be conducted in the respective Regional Center or Satellite Office. The Concept Meeting Coordinators are listed below along with their respective states.

Electronic Closing Documents Instructions

Lenders agree to provide, within five (5) business days after closing, a USB flash drive containing electronic copies of the fully executed and otherwise collected closing documents. The USB flash drive should be submitted to the assigned HUD closing coordinator. The files must be in PDF format. Please include the iREMS Property ID in the file name and follow the file naming conventions found here: