Preconstruction Conference Worksheet

1. Contractors Guide to Davis-Bacon

The attached guide fully outlines each step in meeting labor standards responsibilities. First time HUD assisted project contractors will benefit by reading and using this guide to review payrolls.

2. Summary of Labor Statutes & Rules

An outline of the Davis-Bacon Act, Contractor Work Hours and Safety Standards Act (not applicable on all projects) and the Copeland Act (Anti-Kickback Law) including a summary regarding approved apprenticeship programs is attached.

3. Labor Standards Provisions

These labor standards provisions are a part of the construction contract, and by signing the contract the Prime Contractor agrees to abide by them. Be sure to read carefully and ask for an explanation of any parts you do not understand. All contracts between the Prime Contractor and Subcontractors, or Subcontractors and Lower-tier Subcontractors, must contain these provisions together with a copy of the wage rates.