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Northwest HUDLines
October 2020
HUD e-Briefs from Alaska, Idaho, Oregon & Washington
Jeff McMorris, Region X Regional Administrator
Leland Jones, Editor, (206) 220-5356 or Leland.jones@hud.gov
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HUD offices in Anchorage, Boise, Portland & Seattle are open for business. But as of May 1st due to limited on-site staffing during the coronavirus outbreak, and consistent with local public health social distancing guidelines, the best way to get in touch with us is via e-mail at AK_Webmanager@hud.gov in Alaska, ID_Webmanager@hud.gov in Idaho, OR_Webmanager@hud.gov in Oregon or WA_Webmanager@hud.gov in Washington, or call us at 206-220-5101. And, of course, you can follow us on Twitter, Facebook or at four state Web sites. You'll find their addresses in the masthead above. We look forward to hearing from you.


In late March the Congress passed and President Trump signed a wide-ranging, $2.2 trillion Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security – or CARES Act – Act to provide the American people with essential resources to help them respond to & protect themselves from COVID-19. As of the end of September, virtually all of the CARES Act provided to HUD has been allocated to state & local governments, Tribes, public housing authorities across the country. Below you will find a chart of the $550 million in CARES Act funding awarded to HUD’s partners Alaska, Idaho, Oregon & Washington. These CARES Act funds ae over-and-above the hundreds of millions of dollars that flow to these states as a result of the normal Congressional appropriations process.We greatly appreciate the efforts of our partners to insure these funds are spent in an efficient, effective & timely fashion.


1-Apr CDBG I $2,925,254 $7,517,923 $21,154,872 $35,514,923
1-Apr CDBG 2 $1,794,197 $4,359,467 $10,722,989 $23,041,347
11-Sep CDBG-3 $4,528,456 $6,158,123 $22,467,427 $41,854,297
1-Apr ESG I $1,435,759 $3,828,517 $10,635,683 $17,116,532
1-Apr HOPWA $0 $0 $335,233 $603,375
6-Apr IHBG Tribes & Villages $28,498,149 $1,115,752 $5,122,415 $12,322,245
1-May PIH Resident Protection $1,377,279 $204,342 $2,713,010 $8,822,966
6-May HCV Resident Protection $864,930 $1,297,648 $5,751,380 $9,508,780
18-May Mainstream HCV $123,254 $357,956 $2,083,284 $4,218,921
9-Jun ESG 2 $7,916,167 $11,446,141 $68,573,710 $98,250,127
2-Jul ICDBG I $2,435,522 $0 $0 $0
9-Jul ICDBG 2 $2,192,414 $0 $900,000 $757,278
17-Jul ICDBG 3 $8,995,390 $1,799,850 $900,000 $5,694,484
27-Jul ICDBG 4 $5,694,484 $0 $0 $0
7-Aug ICDBG 5 $4,499,985 $900,000 $900,000 $0
21-Aug ICDBG 6 $1,321,525 $0 $900,000 $1,163,081
10-Aug HCV Resident Protection 2 $1,073,741 $1,139,013 $7,430,673 $12,278,208
2-Sep FHIP $0 $20,000 $20,000 $20,000
11-Sep FHAP $0 $0 $0 $133,148
27-Aug Mod Rehab $0 $0 $172,234 $134,933
  TOTALS $75,676,506  $40,124,732  $160,590,676  $271,434,645


A bit of code-breaking is in order -- at HUD, “CDBG” stands for Community Development Block Grant, “ESG” stands for Emergency Solutions Grant, “HOPWA” stands for Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS grants, “IHBG” stands for Indian Housing Block Grant, “PIH” stands for Public & Indian Housing,” HCV” stands for Housing Choice Voucher (aka, Section 8), “ICDBG” stands for Indian Community Development Block Grant, “FHIP” stands for Fair Housing Initiatives Program grant & “FHAP” stands for Fair Housing Assistance Program grant, all of which are HUD funding streams. PLEASE NOTE - There ae a few modest HOPWA awards in our Region that have not yet been incorporated in this chart.




Noting that "HUD funding is an investment in the people we serve, not just an investment in affordable housing or community development," Secretary Ben Carson says HUD has published final rule on Section 3 which "recipients of certain HUD funds make economic opportunities available for low- and very low-income individuals, especially recipients of government assistance for housing, living in the areas where HUD funds are spent." The revised rule "streamlines some processes that have not yielded significant benefits, & encourages public housing authorities and HUD grantees to focus on sustained employment for low- and very low-income individuals."



Oregon Governor Kate Brown extends moratorium on no cause & non-payment of rent evictions through December 31st, 2020.



So, now that the pandemic is in its seventh month, by the numbers what does the "new normal" mean for Americans. How many of us are having difficulty paying the rent? How many of us have lost a job? How many of us don't have enough food in the fridge? The Census Bureau has some answers. As part of the 2020 Census, the Bureau has been conducting what it calls the Household Plus Survey that, it says, can help measure the social & economic impact on America's households. If you like to "data dive," this is the document for you. And if you just want to get a sense of the "new normal," ditto. Either way it's well worth a look.



At the request of Oregon Governor Kate Brown, President Donald J. Trump approves a major disaster declaration because of wildfires in Clackamas, Douglas, Jackson, Klamath, Lane, Lincoln, Linn & Marion & shortly thereafter HUD issues on what additional HUD resources are available as a result of President's action. . .Secretary Carson announces the third & final round of CDBG funding from CARES Act 60 state, county & local governments in the Northwest with an additional $4,528,456 awarded to Alaska, $6,158,123 to Idaho communities, $22,467,427 to Oregon communities & $41,854,297 to Washington communities to provide temporary financial assistance to households hard-hit by pandemic meet rental obligations for up to 6 months. . .HUD invites 100 public housing authorities to apply for Moving-to-Work status so they have operational flexibility that leads, says Secretary Carson, "to excellent results for low-income families”. .U.S. Treasury awards more than $5.1 million in Community Development Financial Institution financial & technical assistance to 13 CDFI loan funds, credit unions & banks in Alaska, Idaho, Oregon & Washington . .Nine years in the making, says Skagit Valley Herald, the Housing Authority of Skagit County says work is "wrapping up" on 14 two-bedroom units east of Burlington, Washington funded by USDA for seasonal farmworker housing families & should be ready for occupancy by end of year. . .Bridge Meadows & Redmond, Oregon Mayor George Endicott breaks ground for its third intergenerational housing community which focuses on bringing more permanency in to the lives of foster children says Cascade Business News. . .Washington Human Rights Commission awarded $133,147 in HUD Fair Housing Assistance Program grant from CARES Act hire additional staff to address the impact of COVID-19 related loss of capacity and purchase technology that will improve the agency’s ability to function in a "100 percent remote environment". . .Affordable Housing Finance magazine announces 2020 Editor's Choice Award to Native American Youth & Family Center for its Neska Illahe affordable housing complex & Mercy Housing Northwest Northwest a 2020 Readers' Choice Award for its historic rehabilitation & transformation of largest building on the former Sand Point Naval Station in Seattle . .With financial support from Blaine County, Idaho & Idaho Housing and Finance Association, ARCH Community Housing Trust breaks ground for Blaine Manor Senior & Family Housing development in Hailey says  Idaho Mountain Express. . .To ease city's affordable housing shortage the Longview, Washington Presbyterian Church donates 3-acre parcel to Housing Opportunities of Southwest Oregon, the local housing authority, to build 48 units of affordable housing says The Daily News.



Since its authorization by President Trump on August 24th, USDA's,Farmers to Families program has delivered more than 100 million boxes of healthy, nutritious food to families hard-hit by COVID-19. Thanks to all the farmer who grew the food, the non-profit & faith-based organizations that helped deliver the boxes & to our friends & colleagues at USDA for spearheading a super program.



Late on a Friday night in September, reports KTOO, Friday night a Medevac plane circled over the airport at the Federally recognized village Igiugig, Alaska . It needs to land to pick-up a child of one of its 16 families transport 250 air miles northeast to Anchorage. But dh runway lights won't turn-on. Led by resident Ida Nelson, almost all the village gets up out of bed & drives their cars, trucks & 4-wheelers to the airport so their headlights can light-up one full side of the runway. The plane was able to land & in a matter of minutes the child was safely on-board the plane which taxied one more time down the runway, revved its engines & took-off for Anchorage. A great example, a LifeMed Alaska post would read "what an amazing community can do with a lot of determination”. Hoping the runway lights will be repaired & the Village doesn't ever half to do it again, Nelson added, "I’m just truly happy and proud to be from here.”



First there were pop-up ads. Then pop-up stores. And then pop-up take-out. What now? How 'bout a social service, food & housing pop-up in the community of Skyway in King County, Washington, says South Seattle Emerald, hosted by Renton Innovation Zone Partnership so community "gets to use the resources they’ve been asking for,.” Could be a great idea whose time has come!



Most of the time, Native Alaskan Villages use that win IHUD Indian Community Development Block Grants use the fund to preserve or expand their housing stock or to improve their communities’ infrastructure. Not so the Native Village of Wainwright, a community of just over 550 people on the shores of the Chukchi Sea 700 miles northwest of Anchorage. It’s one of 28 Villages to win ICDBG funds last June. In a first-of-its-kind for the North Slope Borough, residents have decided to use the funds to build an early childhood education center. Why? Well, obviously it’s good for the young ones. But, says residents, it’s also good for the grown-ups. Read why.



Enforcing the 3-day limit on RV campers who, otherwise, would be homeless doesn't work says the Boise, Idaho Police Department Captain Paul Burch doesn't work. "No matter what we did the vehicle just moved. When it moved the problems went along with it and then we were back into the same cycle. When we looked at this, I said ‘let’s try to come up with a better solution’.” So, in collaboration with CATCH & Interfaith Sanctuary Housing Services, they're trying to develop a more effective approach. BoiseDev says they may be onto something. See why.



So, what does it take for a building to be designated U.S. Green Building Council-rated LEED Platinum? Well, take a look at the 102-unit HopeWorks Station in Everett, Washington built by HousingWorks & HopeWorks Social Enterprises to provides "housing, job training and social services for people who are homeless or live in poverty. Top to bottom, says Everett Herald, it’s PLATINUM!



City of Portland, Oregon awarded $3.6 million in HUD Lead Paint Hazard Reduction & Healthy Homes funds to abate lead & other hazards in 185 homes. . .U.S. Treasury announces award of of $2.6 million in Native American CDF Assistance funds to 7 organizations headquartered in Alaska, Idaho or Washington. . .With food insecurity rising the Qawalangin Tribe & its designated housing entity the Aleutian Housing Authority tell KUCB they will u se CDBG from CARES Act funds to upgrade & retrofit its food bank & make 8 shipments of both perishable & non-perishable foods "to elders or those who do not have access to a car". . .Oregon Housing & Community Services invests $50 million more in its LIFT - Local Innovation & Fast Track - Housing Program to help develop 441 more affordable housing units in Corvallis, Lebanon, Florence & Portland. . .HUD awards almost $689,000 to renew funding for Tribal Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing (VASH) vouchers for the Association of Village Council Presidents, the Cook Inlet Housing Authority & the Tlingit Haida Regional Housing Authority in Alaska, the Warm Springs Housing Authority in Oregon, the Confederated Tribes of Colville, the Spokane Tribe of Indians Housing Authority & Yakama Nation Housing Authority in Washington. . .With 18 years of sobriety under his belt, says the Vancouver, Washington Columbian, Kasper Sandblasting is now transforming the "derelict" Value Motel where he used to head to "buy, sell, use or sleep off drug" into a 60-room "recovery house". . .USDA .awards $10.5 million in loans & grants to modernize rural water or wastewater treatment systems in five Idaho & Washington State communities. . .Enterprise Community Partners selects Forerra as one of six organizations to win Housing Affordability Breakthrough Challenge award of $2.5 million for its innovative work to use cross-laminated timber in construction of "attainable housing" complexes in Tacoma & Tukwila, Washington. . .In her inaugural State of the City address, KTVB-TV reports, Boise, Idaho Mayor Lauren McLean says "to increase the number of affordable homes in our community, we are investing in a housing land trust, to support the development of various housing types allowing for home ownership and rental opportunities for income restricted families". . .With funding from the City of Bend & Oregon Housing & Community Services, says KTVZ-TV, , Wishcamper Development Partners says it will break ground this month on 240-unit, $51 million Stillwater Crossing, reportedly the largest affordable housing complex in the city's history.



As it begins to prepare its 2020-2024 Consolidated Plan, Business Oregon is seeking input from partners receiving CDBG funding to advise it of their communities' current housing & community development their needs. It'll take about 15 minutes to complete on-line. The deadline for responses is October 2nd.



Have you got a budding artist in your household? Well, why not see if they'd like to submit an entry in HUD's 2021 Healthy Homes Calendar Contest. Who knows where that could lead! Deadline for entry is October 15th.



HUD sets November 2nd deadline for public housing authorities to apply for Lead Based Paint Capital Fund Program grants totaling $31 million to help up to 10 authorities "identify and eliminate lead-based paint hazards in public housing"



HUD sets November 9th deadline for local governments, Tribes, housing authorities, colleges & others to apply for 5, $1 million Healthy Homes & Weatherization Cooperation Demonstration grants to determine whether coordination of the two programs produces better outcomes


Washington State Department Commerce & SchoolsOut Washington set October 6th deadline for financially stressed youth development nonprofits serving young people "hardest hit by COVID-19 & furthest from educational justice" to apply for $9.3 million in CARES Act relief funding.



The Housing Company, a subsidiary of Idaho Housing & Finance Association, tells the East Idaho News that ground will broken for a 72-unit affordable housing complex in Idaho Falls, the second project it's undertaken in the city since completing the top-to-bottom renovation of the historic Bonneville Hotel downtown. . .Poulsbo, Washington City Council votes to lease two City-owned parcels to "any public or private entity committed to building & managing both long-term & transitional affordable housing" says Kitsap Daily News. . .Native American Youth & Family Center, Community Development Partners & Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians Human Resources break ground for 56-unit Mamook Tokatee" - "Making Beautiful" in Chinook - their second partnership to create more affordable housing for Native Americans in Portland, Oregon says Indian Country Today. . .Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Settles with 7th & 8th mortgage company to address deceptive loan advertisements sent to servicemembers & Veterans. . .Yakima, Washington County Commission, says KNDO-TV, replenishes its rental assistance program for households hard-hit by COVID-19 with almost $2.9 million from Washington Department of Commerce & HUD. . .The Lutz family of Lebanon, Oregon, Crossroads Communities, CASA of Oregon & the City of Lebanon break ground for Applegate Landing Apartments to provide affordable housing for veterans & their families that is being built with funds from from Oregon Housing & Community Services & HUD. . .Boston Capital invests $14.2 million in Low Income Housing Tax Credits in King County Housing Authority rehabilitation & preservation of affordable Woodland North Apartments in Lake Forest Park area of Seattle says Affordable Housing Finance magazine. . .Washington State Department of Commerce awards $1.35 million in 16 grants to local governments, nonprofits & education districts to develop community-based plans to expand child care services. . .A belated congratulations to James Hunt of On Point Community Credit Union in Oregon upon his election to the Federal Home Loan Bank of Des Moines Board of Directors


"Alaska's climate is unlike any other in our nation, making our state a critical hub for research on sustainability in harsh environments. I have been a long-time supporter of Alaska's Cold Climate Housing Research Center and have seen its important work for resilient housing first-hand. Having lived around the Arctic Circle, I can tell you that innovation is key for survival in challenging areas. Continuing this work will be essential to developing new energy technologies and ensuring that Alaska leads the way in their deployment" - Congressman Don Young commenting on U.S. Department of Energy’s decision to re-establish its Arctic Energy Office on the campus of the University of Alaska at Fairbanks that also is the home of the Cold Climate Housing Research Center. T & D World, September 23, 2020



“I am thankful, Just finally being stable in a house, not out on the streets, knowing where we are going to leep. Things like not worrying about where am I going to get a shower. . .We were going to adopt our baby out. Now we are talking about keeping her." - Dakota VanSoyc, 21, who with his partner Joelle Wright, 20, who had been homeless for three years, mostly living in the woods when Ms. Wright she learned she was pregnant. Without a home, they expected to give up their child. But thanks to a HUD Foster Youth to Independence Independencerental assistance voucher from Clackamas County they now have a place for Mom, Dad & their baby girl to call home.My Oregon News, September 2020.


The Washington Department of Commerce has launched an interactive Economic Recovery Dashboard to allow the public to track & better understand the economic impact COVID-19 has had on Washington state's economy. As its initial findings below suggest, it's been a big hit:

  • Two months after reopening efforts began, Washington’s employment decline is still 30% greater than the lowest point in the Great Recession a decade ago.
  • Unemployment trends in Washington state are tracking similarly with most other states with a steep drop through April and slow but steady growth since May.
  • While construction has recovered 80% of lost jobs as of June, leisure and hospitality has only recovered about one-third of job losses and is the hardest hit of all industries.
  • There are early signs of disproportionate unemployment impacts across race groups, particularly Pacific Islanders and Black workers.
  • An additional 100,000 people have signed up for food or temporary cash assistance since February, with larger increases in central Washington, Spokane and Tri-Cities areas."


When the Native American Youth & Family Center (NAYA) & the Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians first partnered to develop Neska Illahe - "Our Place" in Chinook - in Portland they set aside 20 of its 59 units would house Native American families. Today, Street Roots reports, 51 of its families ae Native American. It was so successful, in fact, that Indian. Country Today says their partnership has just broken ground for the 56-unit Mamook Tokatee – Chinook for “making beautiful” - in the Cully neighborhood of Portland, Oregon to increase housing opportunities for Native American families.



As of September 30, 2020, reports the Oregon Department of Forestry, there have been 885 wildfires this year in Oregon. 717 of them -- or just over 80 percent - were caused by humans, burning 147,354 acres. The rest were caused by lightening.



The Centers for Disease Control publishes FAQ on renters’ rights & responsibilities under its eviction moratorium which runs through December 31. . .The Alaska Housing Finance Corporation publishes notices concerning rent & eviction guidelines for residents of public housing units & residents with vouchers of privately owned units. . .HUD Secretary Carson announces changes giving greater flexibility to local governments & homeless providers in managing & using HUD Emergency Solutions Grant funds to serve the homeless. . .HUD economists publish regional analysis of housing market conditions in Alaska, Idaho, Oregon & Washington during the second quarter 2020 including effects from COVID-19 which, says report, "caused economic activity in the Northwest region to slow dramatically, ending the economic expansion that began in 2011. . .HUD Secretary Carson launched The Mustard Seed Series to share testimonies of faith-based organizations helping the homeless with goal of pairing congregations already doing it with congregations interested in doing the same



U.S. Department of Health & Human Services sets October 2nd deadline for public input to be submitted on developing an interagency Council on Economic Mobility to "promote economic mobility, recovery & resiliency". . .Washington State Department Commerce & SchoolsOut Washington set October 6th deadline for financially stressed youth development nonprofits serving young people "hardest hit by COVID-19 & furthest from educational justice" to apply for $9.3 million in CARES Act relief funding. . .HUD sets October 15th for budding artists to submit their entries in the 2021 HUD Healthy Homes Calendar Contest. . .HUD sets November 2nd deadline for public housing authorities to apply for Lead Based Paint Capital Fund Program grants totaling $31 million to help up to 10 authorities identify and eliminate lead-based paint hazards in public housing. . .HUD sets November 9th deadline for local governments, Tribes, housing authorities, colleges & others to apply for 5, $1million Healthy Homes & Weatherization Cooperation Demonstration grants to determine whether coordination of the two programs produces better outcomes . .HUD sets November 19th deadline for resident associations, Tribes & non-profits to apply for a total of $35million in HUD Resident Opportunity && Self Sufficiency Service Coordinator grants ranging from $100,000 to $717,000. . .HUD sets December 16th deadline for public housing authorities & cities to apply for up to 5 Choice Neighborhoods Implementation Grants of no more than $35 million each to replace distressed housing & invest in distressed communities. . . HUD sets December 1st deadline for public housing authorities to apply for up to 5 JobsPlus grants of no more than $3.7 million per grant. . .HUD set December 10th deadline for Tribes & Tribally designated housing entities to apply for $91 million in Indian Housing Block Grant- Competitive grants of between $100,000 & $5 million to "develop, maintain, & operate affordable housing in safe & healthy environments". . .HUD sets December 16th deadline for public housing authorities & cities to apply for up to 5 Choice Neighborhoods Implementation Grants of $35 million each to replace distressed housing & invest in distressed communities . .U.S. Department of Labor VETS program sets December 31st, 2020 deadline for state & local workforce development groups, veterans service organizations, public agencies, Tribal governments & non-profits to apply for grants of up to $10,000 to conduct veterans Stand Down events.


HUD's Office of Native American Programs hosts first session of two-session Indian Housing Block Grant-Competitive Notice of Funding Availability, October 1st, on-line. Visit

HUD's Office of Native American Programs hosts second session of two-session Indian Housing Block Grant-Competitive Notice of Funding Availability, October 2nd, on-line. Visit.

Business Oregon & Northwest Environmental Business Council host 2020 virtual Brownfields & Infrastructure Summit, October 5th & 6th, on-line. Visit

ConnectHomeUSA hosts week-long series of virtual Digital Inclusion Workshops, October 5th to 9th, online. Visit

Washington Housing Finance Commission & Washington Department of Commerce co-host 2020 virtual Housing Washington Affordable Housing Conference, October 6th, on-line. Visit

Oregon Affordable Housing Management Association hosts virtual Fair Housing Timely Topics Workshop, October 6th, on-line. Visit

Association of Alaska Housing Authorities hosts virtual NAHASDA Essentials Workshop, October 6th, on-line. Visit.

National American Indian Housing Council hosts virtual Permanent Supportive Housing Workshop, October 6th & 7th, on-line. Visit

Idaho Smart Growth hosts Citizens Planning Academy, October 7th, on-line. Visit

Washington Low-Income Housing Coalition hosts virtual 2020 Conference on Housing & Homelessness, October 7th to 9th, on-line. Visit

Idaho Chapter of American Planning Association hosts virtual 2020 Annual Conference, October 7th to 9th, on-line. Visit

Idaho Housing & Finance Associations hosts virtual Physical Inspection of Tax Credit/HOME Properties, October 14th, on-line. Visit

Oregon Affordable Housing Management Association hosts virtual Eviction & Rent Collection in a Time of Pandemic, October 13th, on-line. Visit

In collaboration with the National Alliance of Community Economic Development Associations, Housing Oregon’s virtual Fall Industry Conference will host a series of workshops on strengthening communities, October 13th to 23rd, on-line. Visit

HUD's Office of Native American Programs host Introduction to HUD EnVision Centers for Tribes & Tribally Designated Housing Entities Webinar, October 13th, on-line. Visit

HUD Seattle hosts 4th session – Endangered Species - of 10-part virtual 24 CFR Part 58 Environmental Review Training for HUD Region X, October 14h, , on-line. Register with Brian.sturdivant@hud.gov

 Oregon League of Cities hosts virtual 9tth Annual Conference, October 14th & 15th, on-line. Visit

Oregon & Washington Chapters of American Planning Association host virtual joint Annual Conference, October 14th to 16th, on-line. Visit

Washington Low Income Housing Tax Credit/HOME properties, October 14th, on-line. Visit

Oregon League of Cities hosts virtual Annual Conference, October 14th & 15th, on-line. Visit

Oregon & Washington Chapters of American Planning Association host virtual Annual Planning Conference, October 14th & 15th, on-line. Visit.

Oregon Affordable Housing Management Association hosts virtual New Guidance on Service & Emotional Support Animals Workshop, October 15th, on-line. Visit

HUD Seattle hosts 5th session – Contaminated Sites & Toxic Substances -, of 10-part virtual 24 CFR Part 58 Environmental Review Training for HUD Region X, October 21st, on-line. Register with Brian.sturdivant@hud.gov

Oregon Affordable Housing Management Association hosts virtual Conquering Multifamilly Housing Compliance Workshop, October 21st to 23rd, on-line. Visit

Association of Alaska Housing Authorities hosts Basic Financial Management & Audit Preparation for Small Tribes virtual Workshop, October 27th, on-line. Visit

HUD Seattle hosts 6th session – Floodplains & Wetlands - of 10-part virtual 24 CFR Part 58 Environmental Review Training for

HUD Region X, November 4th, on-line.Register with Brian.sturdivant@hud.gov

Idaho Smart Growth hosts Citizens Planning Academy, November 4th, on-line. Visit

HUD Seattle hosts 7th session – Flood Insurance, Noise & Sole-source Aquifers - s -, of 10-part virtual 24 CFR Part 58 Environmental Review Training for HUD Region X, November 10th, on-line. Register with Brian.sturdivant@hud.gov

Association of Alaska Housing Authorities hosts virtual Grant Writing Workshop, November 4th, on-line. Visit

Alaska Municipal League hosts virtual Annual Local Government Conference, November 10th to 12h, on-line. Visit

Oregon Affordable Housing Management Association hosts Harassment & Neighbor vs. Neighbor Disputes, November 17th, on-line. Visit

Association of Alaska Housing Authorities hosts virtual Meth Decontamination & Remediation Workshop, November 17th, on-line. Visit

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