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May 2019
HUD e-Briefs from Alaska, Idaho, Oregon & Washington
Jeff McMorris, Region X Regional Administrator
Leland Jones, Editor, 206/220-5356 or Leland.jones@hud.gov
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 Maximizing opportunity
It's estimated that $100 billion in new, private investment capital will flow into the nation's 8,000-plus new Opportunity Zones nominated by the nation's governors & approved by the Treasury Department, including 279 in Alaska, Idaho, Oregon & Washington. Wouldn't it be great if we could find ways to increase that amount, to generate billions more in private capital to "de-stress" distressed communities? HUD thinks so. Why is why HUD Secretary Carson recently announced a Request-for-Information urging anybody & everybody "better understand how HUD can better tailor its policies and help Opportunity Zones create more positive to help us economic outcomes for the millions of Americans that live in these areas, & for our country as a whole." The due date to submit comments at regulations.gov is June 17th. So, please take a little time, put on your "thinking cap" & help us tap the "tremendous potential" represent for these communities. And, in advance, thanks for helping out. You'll find the full notice Secretary Carson announced in The Federal Register .

What's been done so far
Don't worry. While we're awaiting your comments in response to Secretary Carson's invitation to share your ideas on how to maximize the impact of Opportunity Zones, we won't be sitting on our hands doing nothing. To the contrary, in fact, HUD & other Federal agencies are hard at work looking at what we do & trying to figure how we can streamline, restructure & synchronize those efforts & initiatives to also enhance the outcomes Opportunity Zones will produce. Last December President Trump issued Executive Order 13853 establishing the White House Opportunity & Revitalization Council. Chaired by HUD Secretary Carson & with representation from all 26 Cabinet agencies & lots of independent agencies like SBA or EPA, the Council's charge is "to encourage public and private investment in urban and economically distressed areas, including qualified opportunity zones" by engaging "with State, local, and tribal governments to find ways to better use public funds to revitalize urban & economically distressed communities." The Council is well underway in meeting its charge as is evident from a an Opportunity Plan Implementation Plan issued by The White House & HUD & including updates on the work already. To date, for example, participating agencies have already identified 160 Federal programs that can be targeted to maximize the impact of Opportunity Zones. Better still, it's already taken action on 50 of them to help "communities need to unlock the full potential of Opportunity Zones," said Secretary Carson, " to stimulate economic development and job creation."

HUD posts 2019 income limits
HUD has published its fiscal year 2019 income limits - Area Median Income, Low-Income (80% AMI), Very Low-Income (50% AMI) & Extremely Low Income (30% AMI), effective immediately on April 24th, 2019, for all metro & non-metro areas in the United States. The limits govern eligibility for an array of HUD, U.S. Department of Agriculture, U.S. Treasury & other Federal programs. The awards, says HUD Secretary Carson, "celebrate what we can achieve together and the drive that unites us all to expand opportunity so more Americans can succeed and thrive." This year's honorees certainly prove him right, with winners - the California Community Foundation, the Citi Foundation, the Community Foundation of Utah, the Medtronic Foundation

Congratulations to the cities of Cornelius, Oregon & Pasco, Washington on being among 20 finalists for the National Civic League's 2019 All-American City designation. . .Saying it will insure "kids & families" will have a "decent, stable, affordable place to call home" Governor Kate Brown of Oregon announces Oregon Housing & Community Services' award of $34.9 million in LIFT - Local Innovation & Fast Track - funds for 466 new affordable homes units - 423 to rent, 63 to buy - across the state. . .Anchorage, Alaska voters defeat 53 to 47 percent ballot measure to impose 5 percent tax on the retail sale of alcohol in city that was projected to raise up to $15 million annually "to fund programs that fight chronic homelessness" says Anchorage Daily News. . .An Elway Poll finds that 13 percent of King County, Washington residents think too much is being spent on homeless, 26 percent that not any more should be spent & 54 percent hat not enough is being spent while, with Seattle Times observing that a "comprehensive plan would increase King County residents' confidence in local efforts to address the region's homelessness crisis, and seeing fewer people living on the streets would prove that it's working". . .After City of Redmond, Oregon lost a bid to build 400+ units of affordable housing outside its Urban Growth Boundary, The Bulletin reports, bill passed this year by the Oregon Legislature & Governor Kate Brown gives City to go ahead. . .Saying "they've lasted 100 years, let's make them last 100 more," group of local & out-of-town developers looking to "breathe new life into" downtown Idaho Falls, Idaho's oldest buildings starting w/ facades restored using .HUD Community Development Block Grant funds says Post Register. . .Juneau Community Foundation in Alaska, says The Empire, awards "over $1.8 million" to local organizations "that focus on homelessness, food security, substance use disorders, domestic violence, suicide prevention, senior care &other social services". . .Family Promise of Spokane, Washington to converting former Cassano's Grocery building it acquired using donations & HUD Community Development Block Grants into emergency shelter for homeless families says Spokesman Review. . .Proud Ground & Habitat for Humanity of Metro Portland, Oregon partnering to develop "permanently affordable" condo project in North/Northeast neighborhood of city to address gentrification & displacement in area by setting-aside 40 of 64 units for affected residents says Portland Business Journal. . .Anchorage, Alaska launches pilot program staffed by full-time social worker to connect patrons "in need with local housing, food, employment, health care and other resources" says Alaska Public Media.

One-stop servicing
Thanks to the leadership of the City of Spokane, Washington, WorkSource & the Spokane Housing Authority, on April 15th celebrated the grand opening of the Spokane Resource Center in downtown, one of the first of an initial 17 HUD EnVision Centers, an initiative championed by HUD Secretary Carson. The idea's simple. Just like "one-stop shopping" for groceries, the Center provides "one-stop" servicing delivered on-site by 19 social service providers. "Housing assistance should be more than just putting a roof over someone's head," Secretary Carson has said. "These EnVision Centers offer a more holistic housing approach by connecting" those in need "families with the tools they need to become self-sufficient and to flourish.". May other communities follow Spokane's pathbreaking lead.

Coming home
In not too many months another "opening day" will be celebrated, this one on a parcel in northeast Portland, Oregon. Rising these days from the ground at the corner of Holman & 42nd is a 59-unit, three-story affordable housing complex called Nesika Illahee which, translated from the Chinook language, means "Our Place." And so it will be those served by the organizations developing it - the Native American Family & Youth Center (NAYA),, the Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians, the Native American Rehabilitation Association & Community Development Partners It will, will benefit tribal citizens," says Siletz Tribal chair Dolores Pigsley "for many years to come" & will provide Native Americans an opportunity to live where in the place many of their ancestors once lived. Something, indeed, well worth celebrating.

Proof partners produce
Every year for the past seven HUD & the Council on Foundations have called attention to effective partnerships between public agencies & private philanthropies by conferring HUD Secretary's Award for Public & Philanthropic Partnership on one such partnership in from across the country. The awards, says Secretary Carson, "celebrate what we can achieve together & the drive that unites us all to expand opportunity so more Americans can succeed and thrive." This year's honorees most certainly, with winners like the California Community Foundation, the Citi Foundation, the Community Foundation of Utah, the Metronics Foundation of Minneapolis, the Minnesota Housing Fund, the National Church Residences Foundation of Columbus, Parkersburg Area Community Foundation, the Puerto Rico Community Foundation, the Cleveland Foundation &, last but certainly not least, the Home Partnership Foundation in Boise. Which, if a little provincialism is allowed, we'd like to say a bit more about. The Foundation is an independent non-profit created by the Idaho Housing & Finance Association. The Foundation was cited for its crucial & unwavering support for the building of Idaho's very first Housing First complex for the chronically-homeless. It's called New Path Community Housing & it took a lot of effort & collaboration among just as committed partners like the City of Boise, Ada County & state government as well as the Boise/Ada Housing Authority, the Home Partnership Foundation, HUD & maybe importantly the office of Boise Mayor David Bieter to make it all happen. And it has happened & is providing that "a combination of housing & supportive services can save communities thousands of dollars per person in social services costs." Which, by the way, is exactly what New Path's supporters thought it would accomplish a single foundation had been laid or a single resident served.

"No" to nasty gas
Carbon monoxide is a killer gas and it's a nasty gas. You can't hear it, can't smell it, can't taste it, can't feel it, can't see it. It sneaks-up and kills you. In a typical year, poison control officers receive some 100,000 reports of exposure to the gas. In a typical year it kills more than 400 people. That's a tragedy, one that could only be made worse if we do nothing about it. But we are. Deaths can be prevented. All it takes is the installation of a working carbon monoxide detector. They're not pricey, but they sure are smart because they warn when danger is in the air" and, said Secretary Carson, can "be the difference between life and death." Some states require every rental unit to have working detectors. Some don't. Given the "unevenness" of state laws, Secretary Carson has announced that, going forward, HUD wants all of HUD's assisted and public housing units to have - and all of our assisted residents to be protected - by working detectors "just as we require smoke detectors," as the Secretary noted, "no matter where our HUD-assisted families live.". At this point, the Secretary is strongly urging our partners to install them. As was mentioned in his announcement, however, Shortly we expect to issue a propose a rule that will require them in our assisted properties.

Expanding opportunity
Saying ""HUD funding is more than an investment in affordable housing or community development, it's an investment in people," HUD Secretary Carson announces that HUD is proposing a rule to make HUD's Section 3 employment & training program "more efficient & effective."  Created by statute in 1968, Section 3 promotes "employment &other economic opportunities generated by Federal financial assistance for housing & community development programs are, to the greatest extent feasible, directed toward low- & very low-income persons, particularly those who are recipients of government assistance for housing." The deadline for submitting comments on the proposed rule is June 3rd.

Promoting Native homeownership
HUD sets June 3rd deadline for Tribes to submit comments on its proposed changes to the HUD Section 184 Indian Housing Loan Guarantee Program. Since 2017, Section 184 has helped make " over 4,000 loans worth over $700 million" allowing Native households to buy homes both on & off Tribal lands.

Promoting communities
Promoting homeownership promotes economic activity & opportunities. Under the National Housing Act .HUD can re-sell formerly FHA-insured, almost always vacant "HUD Homes" in designated revitalization areas in ways including discounts to contribute to the revitalization of distressed communities. It's seeking public comment by May 30th on "more detailed criteria for designating revitalization areas, which clarify the general statutory criteria, and which HUD plans to incorporate into a future Housing Notice." Speak up by May 30th.

Stepping up to the plate yet again, Meyer Memorial Trust in Oregon opens $10.6m spring funding competition in its Equitable Education, Healthy Environment & Housing Opportunity portfolios with applications due May 15th, 2019. . .As good a way to celebrate a 40th anniversary as any, Downtown Emergency Service Center celebrates grand opening of the 100-unit Clement Place in the Licton Springs neighborhood of Seattle, Washington providing housing & "round-the-clock" services for mental illness, disabilities & substance abuse reports MyNorthwest. . .Telling KPVI-TV that "we really want the citizens to feel that they can be completely candid," a City of Blackfoot, Idaho city official says no city officials will be allowed to attend three citizen "listening sessions" in May that are part of Idaho Rural Partnership community assessment designed to "citizens want to see in Blackfoot in the next 5-10 years, what they don't want to see & what assets they think will help the city". . .Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority awards $1.1 million to projects statewide that includes support for Juneau Affordable Housing Collaborative's 22-bed expansion of Housing First facility & .RurALCAP's refurbishing of Sitka Place in Anchorage. . .City of Bremerton, Washington, Kitsap Mental Health & Bremerton Housing Authority unveil plans for Pendleton Place-74 Housing First units - including 56 HUD-assisted ones, for those, says Kitsap Sun, "struggling with chronic homelessness, mental illness & substance abuse". . .Bethel, Alaska City Council unanimously introduces ordinance to enter into agreement with Orutsararmiut Native Council to construct 38 homes on 17-acre parcel says KYUK. . .Busy April for Northwest Housing Alternatives as it breaks ground for 150 units of affordable housing in Gateway neighborhood of Portland, says Portland Business Journal, & unveils plans for 48 units of workforce housing in Hermiston, says East Oregonian. . .Sea Mar says it will build 71-u affordable housing in Vancouver, Washington to include, reports The Columbian, on-site dental & behavioral health care so residents can get "medical care in the building where they live". . .Housing Works & Oregon Housing & Community scored a "double whammy" on a single day in April, celebrating grand opening of the 48-unit Ponderosa Heights in Sisters & then, just a few hours later, the opening of the 48-unit Hawks View Estates in La Pine. . .LIHI, King County Housing Authority, Washington State Housing Finance Commission, Key Bank &, yes, HUD celebrate grand opening June Leonard Place providing 48 new units of affordable housing in Renton, Washington. . .Another job well done by Cocoon House in Everett, Washington as it celebrates the grand opening of 40 units of new housing & a drop-in center for Snohomish County young people 18 to 24 who are or are at risk of homelessness says Q13 Fox.

HUD has set a June 13th deadline for public housing authorities to apply for a total of $1 million that will fund up to 12 new Family Self Sufficiency program grants. The grants enable authorities to hire Family Self Sufficiency coordinators who work with households receiving Housing Choice Vouchers or living in public housing to connect them with an array of services & programs help participating families find jobs, advance their education & skills, increase earned income & thereby, reduce or eliminate their need for rental or other assistance programs. For purposes of this competition, applying authorities need not have an existing Family Self Sufficiency program and authorities that do, but that did not receive Federal fiscal year 2016, 2017 and 2018 are eligible to apply. The grants will be capped at $72,000 per award. In December HUD renewed its support for 36 existing Family Self-Sufficiency programs in Alaska, Idaho, Oregon & Washington.

HUD sets June 10th deadline for public housing authorities, local governments, Tribal entities & non-profits to apply for up to 6 Choice Neighborhood Planning Grants of up to $1.3 million each to promote the transformation of neighborhoods with severely-distressed public or HUD-assisted housing. Two types of grants will be considered -- Planning Grants that, over two years, develop "a successful neighborhood transformation plan & building the support necessary for that plan to be successfully implemented plan" or Planning & Action grants which pair planning with action reflecting evidence that "shows that tangible actions taken early on help communities build momentum for further planning & the eventual transition from planning to implementation of that plan.".

HUD & the Department of Veterans Affairs has set May 22nd as the deadline to apply for some $10 million in funding under the Veterans Housing Rehabilitation & Modification pilot program. Up to 10 grants of up to $1 million are expected to be funded. Organizations eligible to apply must be not-for-profit & "must provide nationwide or statewide programs that primarily serve veterans and/or low-income individuals." Funds may be used to rehab or modify eligible veterans' primary residences.

HUD has set May 29th deadline for non- & for-profit organizations & institutions of higher education to apply for up to $3 million per year for 2 years to provide Distressed Cities Technical Assistance to distressed communities of 40,000 or fewer residents that have been hit by natural disasters. The "will be community-specific rather than program-specific & will be scaled to ensure a measurable impact for the community's growth &resilience, as well as the efficient use of public funds." The expertise being sought includes "public management, fiscal reform, land use development, business attraction & retention, workforce development, disaster recovery & resilience."

The U.S. Department of Agriculture's Rural Housing Service sets June 10th deadline for local gov't, Tribes, public housing authorities, non-profits & others to apply for a total of $1.5 million in Community Facilities Technical Assistance grants to help identify facility needs & resources available to address them. Applicants are "encouraged to consider projects that provide measurable results in helping rural communities build robust and sustainable economies through strategic investments infrastructure, partnerships and innovation." Up to 15 awards of two types - for technical assistance providers & for ultimate recipients - are expected.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has set May 27th as the deadline for eligible non-profits to apply for up to 10 Household Water Well System grants to establish revolving loan funds that provide 1 percent, 30-year loans to income-eligible rural homeowners to construct, refurbish or service the water-well systems of the homes they occupy. Nonprofit grantees must contribute a 10 percent match to their program.

HUD awards additional $800,000 in Fair Housing Initiatives Program funding to Alaska Legal Services Corporation, Intermountain Fair Housing in Idaho, Fair Housing Council of Oregon & Northwest Fair Housing Alliance in Washington. . .Thanks to the award of $112,000 in HUD funds from the Skagit County, WA HOME Investment Partnership consortium Home Trust of Skagit County "is moving closer to buying" 5 new homes in La Conner, Washington to provide affordable homeownership opportunities says Go.Skagit. . .With funding from Lane County, Oregon, says KVAL-TV, Sponsors organization breaks ground in Eugene on 10 tiny homes for people coming out of prison that will be a "contradiction to what people experience in institution, our projects, our beautifully landscape, warm and colorful". . ."Excited to see a project dedicated to addressing our workforce housing needs," Mayor Neil Bradshaw welcomes ground-breaking for 36 units of new affordable rental housing in Ketchum, Idaho, says Mountain Express. . .MarketWatch says Beaverton, Oregon ranked third best & Moscow, Idaho, for the 2nd straight year, the very best place in U.S. to raise kids. . .Bye-bye abandoned K-Mart & hello a possible 700 new units of affordable housing along Evergreen Way in Everett, Washington says The Herald. . .To get "roof over a person's head instead of enabling he/she to stay homeless," The Gazette Times reports, Albany, Oregon Mayor Konopa forms Solutions Team not just to "guide them" to "housing but limit" their "interaction with criminal justice system". . .King County, Washington partnership breaks ground for permanent, 100-bed shelter for homeless, says Bothell-Kenmore Reporter, the first on Seattle metro's Eastside. . .City of Seattle, Washington Innovation Advisory Council launched by Mayor Jenny Durkan to focus on 7 projects including homeless data model, on-line system to connect homeless more quickly to services & housing & a system to help low-income renters find affordable housing. . .NeighborWorks Umpqua tells KMTR-TV it's looking for 14 families to join its DreamBuild program to build homes they'll own in Douglas County, Oregon.

Buying-in, pushing-out
". . .But since 2000, according to an analysis of demographic and housing data, the arrival of white residents is now changing nonwhite communities in cities of all sizes, affecting about one in six predominantly African-American census tracts. The pattern, though still modest in scope, is playing out with remarkable consistency across the country - in ways that jolt the mortgage market, the architecture, the value of land itself. In city after city, a map of racial change shows predominantly minority neighborhoods near downtown growing whiter, while suburban neighborhoods that were once largely white are experiencing an increased share of black, Hispanic and Asian-American residents. . ." The Neighborhood Is Mostly Black, the Home Buyers Are Mostly White, The New York Times.

HUD Secretary Carson on Opportunity Zones
"As Ronald Reagan foretold a generation ago, it is morning again in America. Today's booming economy, under President Donald J. Trump, stands in stark contrast to the stagnation and volatility Americans endured over the past decade. It is one of our Nation's bedrock beliefs that America is the Land of Opportunity. Every street in every city, every stretch along every country road, should indeed be a zone where opportunity calls home. In pursuit of that bold ideal, Opportunity Zones were created under the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act to stimulate economic development and job creation, by incentivizing long-term investments in low-income neighborhoods. Few programs in modern American history have the potential to touch the lives of so many people as powerfully as Opportunity Zones, which are now home to approximately 31.3 million Americans in all 50 states and the District of Columbia - or roughly 10% of the country. An additional 3.7 million people reside in Opportunity Zones in five U.S. territories. . .It takes more than soil and water for a sapling to grow to its full potential: the final ingredient is sunlight. Our Nation's vulnerable families already have the grit and persistence to grow. They need only the sunshine that economic opportunity provides to reach the brightness of their American Dream." - HUD Secretary Ben Carson, Real Clear Policy, April 26th, 2019

"When people walk in it's fund to watch their faces. & it's just a bit of surprise they're like, "Wow, this is a shipping container?" - Bart Cochran, executive director of LEAP Charities which is installing its first four, 4-bedroom, 2 baths, 960 square-foot houses renting for $843 a month, including utilities made of recycled shipping containers at its new Windy Court community in Boise, Idaho. He adds that they've received 6 applications per unit. More at KTVB-TV.

The Arctic challenge
"Before the white man came, we lived in the ground and we buried our dead in the air," atop the tundra. "After the white man came, we buried our dead in the ground, we live in the air and we've been cold ever since. . .I experienced firsthand the indigenous technologies and how perfectly they were adapted to the environment,. . .People don't necessarily want to go back to living in sod houses. But those principles of sustainable shelter can be incorporated with 21st century technologies to make much more comfortable homes." - Jack Hebert, executive director of the Cold Climate Housing Research Center speaking at the Thomson Reuters Foundation in Seattle, Washington, Reuters, April 29, 2019

HUD publishes fiscal year 2019 income limits effective April 24th. . .U.S. Department of the Treasury issues second set of proposed regulation for Opportunity Zones to provide "greater flexibility for communities & investors as we continue to encourage investment & development in Opportunity Zones". . .FHA issues Mortgagee Letter 2019-07 extending until July , 2019 the effective date of the requirements of Mortgagee Letter 2019-06, Downpayment Assistance and Operating in a Governmental Capacity. . .USDA publishes 2017 Census of Agriculture. . .HUD''s Policy & Development Research arm takes a look at why Millennials seem so darn reluctant to become homebuyers - and what can be done about it. . .HUD posts Secretary Carson's prepared testimony before House Appropriations Subcommittee on Transportation, Housing and Urban Development & Related Agencies. . .HUD launches new on-line Section 3 Opportunity Portal advising residents of areas affected by Federal projects of employment & training opportunities & area businesses of contracting opportunities.

Registration now open for the 2019 Northwest Community Development Institute hosted by Idaho Department of Commerce & Business Oregon, July 8th to 12th in Boise, Idaho. . .HUD sets May 15th deadline to apply for $75 million in its third round of Youth Homelessness Demonstration Program grants. . .U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs sets May 20th deadline to apply for up to 133 grants to provide case management to previously-homeless veterans transitioning to permanent housing. . .USDA sets May 27th deadline for eligible non-profits to apply for Household Water Well grants. . .EPA sets May 28th deadline to apply for its Healthy Communities Grant Program to "work directly w/ communities to reduce environmental risks to protect & improve human health & the quality of life" . .HUD sets May 29th deadline to apply for Distressed Cities Technical Assistance grants to assist distressed communities of 40,000 or fewer residents hit by natural disaster. . .HUD & VA set May 22d for qualified organizations to apply for grants of up to $1 million each from the Veterans Housing Rehabilitation & Modification pilot program. . .USDA sets May 31st deadline to apply for 100 percent grant under its ReConnect broadband program. . .HUD sets June3rd deadline to submit comments on proposed rule to make its "Section 3 employment & training program "more efficient & effective.". . .HUD sets June 3rd deadline for Tribes to submit comments on its proposed changes to the HUD Section 184 Indian Housing Loan Guarantee Program which, in 2017, helped make " over 4,000 loans worth over $700 million". . .USDA sets June 10th deadline to apply for total of $1.5 million in Community Facilities Technical Assistance grants. . .HUD sets June 10th deadline to apply for up to 6 Choice Neighborhoods Planning Grants to help in transformation of areas with severely-distressed public or HUD-assisted housing. . .HUD sets a June 12th deadline for high-performing housing authorities with 1,000 or more non-elderly, non-disabled public or Housing Choice Voucher units to submit letters of interest in joining a second cohort of authorities expected to join its Moving-to-Work program. . .HUD sets June 13th deadline for housing authorities to apply for up to 12 new Family Self Sufficiency program grants. . .USDA sets June 21st deadline to apply for 50 percent loan/50 percent grant under ReConnect program. . .USDA sets July 12th deadline to apply for 100 percent loan under ReConnect program. . .Oregon Housing & Community Services sets September 3rd deadline for eligible manufactured housing parks, residents of mobile home parts & non-profits to apply for a total of $24 million to gain "control over rising rents or taking control when park owners are considering closing the Park". . .USDA's Rural Utilities Service sets September 30th, 2019 deadline for nonprofits, Tribes & state & local governments to apply for Rural Broadband Access Loans of between $100,000 & $25 million that will be awarded on a rolling, first-come-first-serve basis. . .U.S. Department of Labor VETS program sets December 31st deadline for state & local workforce development groups, veterans service organizations, public agencies, Tribal governments & non-profits to apply for grants of up to $10,000 to conduct veterans Stand Down events.

Oregon Office of Rural Health hosts 2019 Forum on Aging in Rural Oregon, May 1st to 3rd, Lincoln City, Oregon. Visit

Idaho Smart Growth hosts Citizens Planning Academy, May 1st, on-line or in-person in Boise, Idaho. Visit

Philanthropy Northwest hosts Opportunity Zones in Rural & Native Communities - A Funder to Funder Virtual Exchange, May 7th, on-line. Visit

University of Oregon hosts 2nd annual Urbanism Next Conference, May 7th to 9th, Portland, Oregon. Visit

American Planning Association Chapter of Washington hosts 2019 Planning for Temporary Homeless Encampments Workshop, May 10th, Bellingham, Washington. Visit

Northwest Community Land Trust hosts 2019 Annual Gathering, May 13th to 15th, Mukilteo, Washington. Visit

Washington Department of Commerce hosts Workshop on Washington Housing Trust Fund, National Housing Trust Fund & HOME Investment Partnership funding opportunities, May 13th, Olympia, Washington. Visit

Washington State Housing Finance Commission hosts Tax Credit Fundamentals Workshop, May 14th, Spokane Valley, Washington. Visit 

Washington Department of Commerce hosts Workshop on Washington Housing Trust Fund, National Housing Trust Fund & HOME Investment Partnership funding opportunities, May 14th, Spokane, Washington. Visit

HUD Alaska Office of Native American Programs & Association of Alaskan Housing Authorities host Uniform Guidance for the Administration &Financial Management of the Indian Housing Block Grant, May 14th & 15th, Anchorage, Alaska. Visit

Washington State Housing Finance Commission hosts Advanced Tax Credit Workshop, May 15th, Spokane Valley, Washington. Visit

Oregon Affordable Housing Management Association hosts morning Advanced Reasonable Accommodations Workshop & afternoon Eviction Prevention Workshop for front-line staff, May 15th, Salem, Oregon. Visit

Washington Department of Commerce hosts Workshop on Washington Housing Trust Fund, National Housing Trust Fund & HOME Investment Partnership funding opportunities, May 20th, Seattle, Washington. Visit

Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians host mid-year convention, May 20th to 23rd, Airway Heights, Washington. Visit

Washington Nonprofits hosts 2019 Washington Nonprofits Conference, May 20th & 21st, Bellevue, Washington. Visit

HUD Alaska Office of Native American Programs & Association of Alaskan Housing Authorities host Environmental Review Workshop for HUD-assisted Properties, May 21st to 23rd, Anchorage, Alaska. Visit

Washington Department of Commerce hosts Workshop on Washington Housing Trust Fund, National Housing Trust Fund & HOME Investment Partnership funding opportunities, May 21st, Everett, Washington. Visit

Washington Affordable Housing Management Association hosts Reducing Fair Housing Claims by Providing Exceptional Customer Service Webinar, May 29th, on-line. Visit

Washington Department of Ecology hosts Washington State Brownfields Conference, May 29th & 30th, Spokane, Washington. Visit

HUD Oregon hosts FHA Single-Family Lender Training, May 30th, Portland, Oregon. Visit

HUD Alaska's Office of Native American Programs & Association of Alaska Housing Authorities host Quick Books Intermediate training, June 10th, Anchorage, Alaska. Visit

HUD Alaska's Office of Native American Programs & Association of Alaska Housing Authorities host Quick Book Advanced training, June 11th, Anchorage, Alaska. Visit

Washington Affordable Housing Management Association hosts Challenging Behaviors Associated with Untreated Mental Health Conditions Webinar, June 12th, on-line. Visit

HUD Portland hosts Uniform Relocation Act training for CDBG & HOME Invest Partnership grantees, June 13th, Portland, Oregon. Visit

Association of Idaho Cities hosts 2019 Annual Conference, June 19th to 22nd, Boise, Idaho. Visit

Association of Washington Cities hosts 2019 Annual Conference, June 25th to 28th, Spokane, Washington. Visit

Oregon Affordable Housing Management Association hosts 2019 Affordable Housing Conference, June 26th to 28th, Salem, Oregon. Visit

HUD hosts Lead Safe Housing Rule Amendment Workshop, June 26th, Seattle, Washington. Visit

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