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Completing Environmental Reviews in Washington State

Each Law or Authority is listed below, along with contact information, checklists and other tools to help you complete your reviews.

Historic Preservation [36 CFR Part 800]

Floodplain Management [24 CFR 55, Executive Order 11988]

Wetland Protection [24 CFR 55, Executive Order 11990]

Coastal Zone Management Act [Sections 307(c, (d]

Sole Source Aquifers [40 CFR 149]

Endangered Species Act [50 CFR 402]

Wild and Scenic Rivers Act [Sections 7(b), and (c)]

Clean Air Act [Sections 176(c), (d) and 40 CFR 6, 51, 93]

Farmland Protection Policy Act [7 CFR 658]

Environmental Justice [Executive Order 12898]

HUD Environmental Standards

Noise Abatement and Control [24 CFR 51B]

Explosive and Flammable Operations [24 CFR 51C]

Toxic Chemicals and Radioactive Materials [24 CFR 58.5(i)(2)]

Airport Clear Zones and Accident Potential Zones [24 CFR 51D]