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Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Islands Customer Service

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The HUD Puerto Rico Field Office serves all of Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. We are available to serve you Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Atlantic Standard Time.

We "Put People First" and we are here to serve you. 

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HUD Basics: HUD funding goes to government agencies, housing organizations, nonprofits and private developers that have programs to help people where they live. HUD does not provide direct grants to families or individuals, or direct rental assistance to families and individuals. To inquire about or apply for the following types of assistance, please visit or call your local points of contacts provided below, or contact us and we will be glad to help refer you to the right agency.

Assistance Available [descriptions]:

Quick Links/Phone Contacts:

Advice and Counseling in Puerto Rico provide advice and counseling on a variety of housing issues including: homeownership, avoiding foreclosure, rental opportunities, homelessness, reverse mortgages, etc. In most cases, their services are FREE or for a small charge. Call (800) 569-4287, then enter your 5 digit ZIP Code to locate the counseling agency nearest you or visit our website.

Avoiding Foreclosure - There are several programs to help you work with your lender to stay in your home or reach other terms to work out other solutions. Don't delay. Here are some resources for you:

Puerto Rico Housing Finance Authority - (787) 946-0045

Puerto Rico Department of Housing - (787) 274-2527

Puerto Rico Office for the Commissioner of Financial Institutions - (787)-723-3131

U.S. Virgin Islands Housing Finance Authority - (340) 774-4432

HOPE Now - A National alliance to help distressed homeowners keep their homes. (888) 995-HOPE

Making Home Affordable - a resource for loan modification/refinancing tools to help you stay in your home. (888) 995-HOPE (4673)

If you have an FHA-insured mortgage, contact the FHA Servicing/Loss Mitigation Center at (800) 225-5342 or contact our FHA Resource Center at (800) 225-5342 (press option 5 for Spanish). If you don't know whether you have an FHA-insured mortgage, contact your mortgage company and ask if it is an FHA-insured mortgage. They will be able to tell you what type of mortgage you have (e.g., FHA-insured, Fannie Mae, conventional, etc.).

Government Programs - Several other federal agencies provide housing and other types of services. Find out about other government assistance that you may qualify for by visiting: www.benefits.gov.

Grants from HUD - Although HUD does not provide grants directly to individuals, HUD does provide grants to governments, nonprofits, and other eligible grantees who administer various housing and community development programs that individuals may qualify for. To find out if you may qualify for assistance for homeownership assistance or assistance to have your home repaired/rehabilitated or other types of assistance, contact the following HUD grantees:

Community Development Block Grants

Puerto Rico

US Virgin Islands

HOME Program

Puerto Rico

US Virgin Islands

Section 8/Vouchers/Subsidized and Low-Rent Apartments

Rental help: - information about housing choice vouchers (Section 8), subsidized apartments, low-rent apartments, and more

Public Housing Customer Service Center email

The following agencies also provide subsidized housing and/or additional information:

Homeless Programs - HUD has many programs available to help the homeless in Puerto Rico

HUD's Homeless Assistance page for Puerto Rico offers available resources.

Homeownership - HUD's FHA offers a variety of Single Family (1-4 units) mortgages to help you buy a home with little money down (about 3 percent). Find out more by calling our FHA Resource Center/Atlanta Homeownership Center (HOC) - (800) 225-5342 and pressing option 3 and then 4; or, go to www.hud.gov/answers to find answers to your questions. HUD also provides grants to governments and nonprofits to provide homebuyer assistance, so be sure to visit our Learn About Homeownership page to find out if there is funding available and if you qualify.

HUD Homes for Sale - The sale of HUD homes has been contracted to various companies. You can find the contact information along with a listing of HUD homes for sale on the website at www.hudhomestore.gov. For additional information or assistance, HUD's Atlanta Homeownership Center (HOC) oversees the contracts on all HUD homes and you may contact our FHA Resource Center at (800) 225-5342 (press option 3 and then 2) to speak with a representative.

Working for HUD - If you would like a career with HUD or with the federal government, please visit www.usajobs.gov to look up job openings and apply for a position. All Federal jobs are posted on this website.

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Contact Us by Phone:
To reach our office, you may call us at (787) 766-5400.

HUD Frequently Called Telephone Numbers/Links:

Fair Housing/Discrimination (800) 496-4294
FHA Mortgage Servicing Center (800) 225-5342
Handbooks, Notices, Forms (800) 767-7468
HUD-Approved Housing Counseling Agencies (800) 569-4287
HUD Homes for Sale (800) 225-5342 (Option 3 then 2)
HUD's Loss Mitigation (800) 225-5342
MIP Refunds (800) 697-6967
National FHA Servicing Center (877) 622-8525
NAID General Information (800) 225-5342
NOFA Info Center
(Notice of Funding Availability)
(800) 483-8929
Refunds (Mortgage Insurance Premiums) (800) 697-6967
Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (855) 411-2372
Single Family FHA Resource Center (800) 225-5342
Single Family Lender Approval and Recertification (800) 225-5342

Housing for More Than 9,000 Families in Public Housing Projects

Los Rosales Public Housing Project, with a construction cost of $9 million, is part of the 9,000+ families' strong modernization effort by the Puerto Rico Department of Housing (PRDH). The PRDH Secretary, Miguel Hernandez Vivoni, Esq., proudly stated that families currently in public housing and many new families will enjoy these improvements thanks to a $174 million federal investment in 18 modernization projects and 28 rehabilitation projects throughout the island. "With these modernization efforts we will instantly improve the quality of life of 9,000 families. The scope of these projects goes well beyond the physical structures. For example, we're talking about an improvement to a sports facility, that along with the programs run in these projects such as Boys and Girls Club or Job Connection-to mention a few-can help us steer hundreds of lives down the right path."

While partaking in the ceremony, Resident Commissioner for Puerto Rico Pedro Pierluisi mentioned being satisfied and proud of the work that Secretary Vivoni and his staff have executed in relation to the management of ARRA funds. Sec. Vivoni was keen to point out that PRDH's dedication to their residents led them to be one of the first to obligate their ARRA funds. He also indicated that the Manuel A. Perez Housing Project will be modernized with an investment of more than $24 million.

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