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Tulsa Area Fair Housing Partnership

The Tulsa Area Fair Housing Partnership is a proactive collaboration of organizations and entities dedicated to increasing the availability and accessibility of affordable and quality housing for individuals and families in the Tulsa MSA without regard to:

  • Race or Ethnicity
  • Religion
  • Sex
  • Disability
  • Familial or Family Status
  • National origin

Through the commitment and collaborative efforts of its members, the Partnership is working toward increasing public awareness regarding the importance of equal opportunity in housing. A variety of workshops and seminars are conducted throughout the year to educate the public and industry professionals.

The mission of the Partnership is to increase the community's understanding of, and commitment to, fair housing through outreach, education and the facilitation of dialogue. The partnership's goal is to increase awareness of fair housing rights that will help foster an understanding of why discrimination is harmful and encourage equal and fair treatment in the sale or rental of housing.

Our vision is a community free from fair housing discrimination.

Why is Fair Housing important?
Housing plays a large role in defining a person's quality of life. Where you live affects your access to social, cultural, educational and many other community amenities such as schools, transportation, employment, medical services, retail and professional services, recreational and entertainment opportunities and much more. Housing discrimination is an illegal obstacle to housing choice and denies people the opportunity to fully experience and enjoy the "American Dream" of choosing, owning and being responsible for their own house and home.

About the Fair Housing Partners and the Services They Provide
The members of the Partnership are listed below. Click on an agency's name to learn more about how they can help you.