Serving the homeless brings joy and helps reduce homelessness in Greensboro

HUD's North Carolina Field Office Director Jody Moses is no stranger to helping the homeless as she was working alongside the Tiny House Community Development, Inc. recently making 97 breakfast burritos for service on Saturday morning. Tiny House Community Development (THCD) mission is to encourage positive community engagement and foster a welcoming environment. Helping to serve breakfast to those who are in need, to those who are hungry, is a small step to that welcoming environment. THCD works on many different initiatives and projects in helping bring joy to the homeless and also supports reducing homelessness while also promoting economic opportunities and reducing health risks in homes THCD also operates a training and recycling center in Greensboro where many THCD trainees will complete a Lead Safe Work Practices cost free training course and become certified (promoting economic opportunities) at the Public-Private-Philanthropic event that the HUD Greensboro Field Office, in partnership with the City of Greensboro, a HUD Healthy Homes grantee, will be hosting in late April.

[Nearly 100 homeless individuals are being fed breakfast as part of Tiny House Community Development outreach program to help reduce homelessness and suffering.]