Successfully Leveraging HUD Funds and Other Financial Resources to Create Desirable Affordable Housing in North Carolina
[Matthew King, CPD Director presenting Recognition Award to the City of High Point Director: Mike McNair and Assistant Director: Thanena Wilson.]
Matthew King, CPD Director presenting "Recognition Award" to the City of High Point Director: Mike McNair and Assistant Director: Thanena Wilson.

The Greensboro Community Planning & Development (CPD) Field Office held its annual "All Grantee Meeting" earlier this month with the City of High Point as the host site with training held in Phillips Hall at High Point University. Greensboro's (CPD) "All Grantee Meeting" was well attended with over 110 registrants, representing state/local governments, non-profits, and community development administrators recently in the City of High Point, NC. The theme was "Using CDBG and HOME to Create Housing". A bus tour was provided by the City of High Point, highlighting four Multi-Family affordable housing developments: Addington Ridge (58 units), Admiral Point (54 units), Kirkwood Crossing (84 units) and Hartley Ridge (84) units that are under construction. These units increase the city's housing stock for High Point seniors and family household developments with funding primarily through HUD resources which includes CDBG, Section 108 Loan Guarantee, HOME Investment Partnership. Additionally, each complex received Low Income Housing Tax Credits (LIHTC) units. The City of High Point is a state-wide leader in demonstrating how public and private funding can be leveraged to develop affordable housing. High Point's Community Development Director Michael McNair lead the Grantee Roundtable discussion providing best practices tips and identifying resources that are many times overlooked for new housing development.

Program training was conducted by HUD's Headquarters Desk Officers assigned to the State of North Carolina, Gloria Coates (Office of Block Grant Assistance ‘OBGA') and Brice Eidson (HOME Investment Partnerships Program). They provided useful examples of how to blend federal funding compliantly to produce housing. The duo also provided much needed programmatic advice and answered several substantive questions from attendees.

Christopher Taylor, Region IV Deputy Regional Director, addressed the group informing grantees of Secretary Carson's policies, priorities, and initiatives to promote effective program design and delivery of housing services. He also commended them for their commitment to achieving these goals as demonstrated by their current work.

Danette Dye, Community Development Administrator for the City of Gastonia said, "the training exceeded her expectations" and that she will now use everything she learned from the day and a half training. The "All Grantee Meeting" was led by Ms. Sharlene Abbott (Senior CPD Representative) and the Greensboro HUD (CPD) Field Office Staff under the direction of Dr. Matthew King, (CPD) Director.