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Region II Hosts Virtual Section 3 Briefings for Elected Officials and Public Housing Resident Leaders
[Virtual presentation on HUD's Section 3 initiative showcasing a construction worker with a hard hat overlooking construction project.]
Henry Comas, Section 3 POC, leads a virtual presentation on Section 3.

By: Jacob Dale

Last month, Henry Comas, Senior Management Analyst/Section 3 Coordinator, hosted two virtual Section 3 briefings. The first briefing was geared towards elected officials in the New York City area, and the second briefing was held for New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) resident leaders. Section 3 requires that HUD financial assistance provided to grantees is used to create employment and other opportunities for low- and very-low income persons. Section 3 has been the law since 1968, and it continues to demonstrate how public housing can provide more than just shelter. Section 3 can bring economic opportunities to HUD families through sustainable employment.

The first briefing Henry conducted was offered to New York City federal, state, and local elected officials and staff members. Henry covered the Section 3 rule’s focus on key outcome metrics, such as the sustained employment of individuals in targeted populations and public housing authorities being required to track and report labor hours instead of new hires. The briefing was widely attended and included several NYC Council Members and staff, NYC Congressional Delegation staff members, and staff members for elected officials from the NY State Senate and Assembly.

The second briefing was offered to New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) resident leaders. The briefing was widely attended by resident leaders across all NYCHA developments. Resident leaders were pleased to learn about the newly created job portal to connect low- and very low-income people, who need jobs most, with businesses who have Section 3 job opportunities in their area.