HUD's Community Contacts

Nevada Representatives

Field Policy and Management

Main Office Line (Reception Desk) (702) 366-2100

Name Telephone Title
Tamara Thomas (702) 366-2100 Las Vegas Field Office Director
Phyllis Hargrove (702) 366-2137 Senior Management Analyst
Mimi Woodruff (702) 366-2116 Management Analyst

Name Telephone Title
Robbie Bradford (702) 366-2112 Administrative Officer

Community Planning and Development (CPD)
Name Telephone Title
Kimberly Johnson (415) 489-6594 Senior CPD Representative

FHA Resource Center
Name Telephone Title
Kristine Douglas (702) 366-2131 Single Family Division Representative
Name Telephone Title
Lorraine Griscavage-Frisbee (702) 366-2160 Deputy Director Office of Outreach and Capacity Building Office of Housing Counseling

Multifamily Housing
Name Telephone Title
Frank Castro (702) 366-2120 Supervisory Project Manager
Cheryl Borgstrom (702) 366-2124 Project Manager
Mary Cain (702) 366-2122 Project Manager