Town Hall Meeting in Randolph, Nebraska

On Thursday, April 27, 2017, HUD Omaha Senior Management Analyst Reginald Robinson and representatives from EPA, FEMA, Corps of Engineers, State agencies and consultants from Renaissance Planning, Orlando, Florida, completed a walking tour of the City of Randolph and then participated in a town hall meeting in the evening. 

During a workshop on Friday, city council and planning commission members and business owners met with community residents, grant planning officials and federal and state representatives to begin creating a new vision for the community following a weather related natural disaster in 2015.

 Community stakeholders on a tour of land in  Randolph, Nebraska

The program focused on three main areas (housing, business revitalization and community development), introducing new methods for sustainable community strategies specific to Randolph and providing some new tools and programs for growth that are currently not accessible to the area’s residents. Since much of the town is currently in the flood plain, there are distinct challenges for constructing new businesses and residences, including the issue of the high cost of flood insurance. Currently, there are 137 properties in the flood plain. 

Randolph recently received a technical assistance grant from the “Building Blocks and Making a Viable Difference” program that has assisted the community in identifying challenges and opportunities to facilitate growth. Three areas were identified that community members want to change. Business and downtown revitalization was at the top of the list followed by housing opportunities and additional community engagement with residents and stakeholders. Those focused on housing identified a strong need for senior housing that will free up housing opportunities for families. They also identified community trendsetters who may consider new housing ideas along with efforts to step up marketing that will place lots for sale on the city’s website.

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