HUD Mississippi team joins Public Service Recognition Week

The HUD Mississippi team participated in a project management team building exercise as part of its Public Service Recognition Week observance. Directed by guest speaker Rocheryl Ware, agent for the Mississippi State Extension Service, each team was given a puzzle to put together. Team members were unaware of the challenges they would encounter in completing the task - no pictures of the finished puzzles, limited time, and missing puzzle pieces. The purpose of the exercise was to show that successful project management requires a vision for the project; personnel and time management; sufficient resources; and team work. Afterwards, the group talked about lessons learned from the activity.

Agent Ware also shared success stories of former public housing residents who became homeowners after participating in the Extension Service's Homebuyer Education and Financial Management Training programs. The lively conversation sparked ideas of new approaches to benefit families living in public housing and HUD subsidized multifamily privately owned properties. Jerrie G. Magruder, HUD's Field Office Director in Mississippi thanked the staff for their exemplary work in serving HUD stakeholders. "The value of your work may not be fully recognized, but to the families in our communities that you help on a daily basis it is life changing and greatly appreciated," said Magruder.