The Kentucky HUD-VASH Program

Eligible Participants: Homeless veterans and their families

The Department of Housing and Urban Development and the Department of Veterans Affairs Supported Housing (HUD-VASH) program, through a cooperative partnership, provides permanent housing support by HUD and long-term case management and supportive services by Veterans Affairs (VA). HUD provides housing choice vouchers designated for HUD-VASH to participating public housing authorities (PHA) to assist with rent payment. Some of the PHA's have partnered with additional housing authorities/agencies to make the program accessible to veterans in more areas throughout Kentucky and even Southern Indiana.

Eligible homeless veterans receive VA case management and supportive services to aid in stability and recovery from physical and mental health, substance use, and functional concerns contributing to or resulting from homelessness. The program goals include promoting maximum veteran recovery and independence to sustain permanent housing in the community for the veteran and the veteran's family.

This program was designed to address the needs of the most vulnerable homeless veterans. To be eligible for this program, homeless veterans must be VA Health Care eligible and need to participate in case management services in order to obtain and sustain permanent, independent community housing.

For housing assistance, initial contact should be made to the Veterans Affairs Case Manager listed below.


  Veterans Affairs Case Manager Housing Choice Voucher Contact
Ashland Heidi McCarty, (304) 360-3879 City of Ashland
Tracey Wilkes, (606) 385-3327
Boone County LeQuita Potter, (513) 977-6829 Boone County Fiscal Court
Joe Clevenger, (859) 334-2105
Bowling Green Deborah Duvall, Case Manager, (615) 908-1408
Jennifer Cromer, Housing Specialist, (629) 259-1871
City of Bowling Green Housing Division
Elvira Ramic, (270) 393-3715
Campbell County LeQuita Potter, (513) 977-6829 Campbell County Section 8
Sarah Collins, (859) 261-5200
Covington LeQuita Potter, (513) 977-6829 City of Covington Section 8 Office
Kimberly Phillips, (859) 292-2188
State contacts For Allen, Christian, Logan,
Simpson, Warren Counties 
Daniel Heim (615) 330-5728

Lauren Sandmire, (502) 709-0306
For Hardin, Bullitt and Meade
Kentucky Housing Corporation
Marti Mainous, (502) 564-7630
ext. 764
Georgetown Ryan Long 859-233-4511 ext. 3228 Georgetown Housing Authority
Robin Rowe, (502) 863-3773, ext. 100
Hopkinsville Daniel Heim (615) 330-5728 Housing Authority of Hopkinsville
Vickie Smiley, (270) 887-4275
Lexington Ryan Long 859-233-4511 ext. 3228 Lexington Housing Authority
Aldean Pleasant, (859) 281-5025
Louisville Coletta Brown, (502) 287-4178 Louisville Metro Housing Authority
Common Assessment Team, (502) 773-3811
Newport LeQuita Porter, (513) 977-6829 Neighborhood Foundations, Inc.
Jodie Reckers, (859) 581-2533 ext. 216
Paducah Pam Yost, (618) 499-4220 City of Paducah Section 8 Office
Lasica Allen McEwen, (270) 450-4238
Pikeville LeeAnn Bills, (304) 529-9141 Housing Authority of Pikeville
Jim Hobbs, (606) 432-8124 ext. 12
Somerset Mike Gelfand, (859) 223-4511 ext. 3607 Somerset Housing Authority (by Lexington Housing Authority)
Andy Roberd, (606) 679-1332
Southern Indiana Coletta Brown, (502) 287-4176 Housing Authority of So. Indiana
Sharon Lampkin, (812) 206-9807
New Albany Housing Authority (by the Louisville Metro Housing Authority)
Chris Habermill, (812) 206-2053

National Call Center for Homeless Veterans @ 1-877-424-3838

VA MEDICAL CENTERS (VAMC)/Community Based Outreach Centers (CBOC)

[Photo: HUD Louisville Office staff raising awareness for the local 'DASH for VASH' initiative]
HUD Louisville Office staff raising awareness for the local "DASH for VASH" initiative include (pictured from left to right): Pat Gidron (veteran, MF), Sonja Redmon (veteran, PIH), Jason Hare (veteran, MF), Steve Thomas (CPD), Georgia Turner (PIH), David Railey (veteran, FPM), Anne Roark (PIH), and Milton Suggs (veteran, MF).

Is a local HUD Kentucky Office initiative designed to support the HUD-VASH program among veterans within eligible communities. Staff of the office, dressed in running gear for the occasion, visited homeless agencies, soup kitchens, and community agencies, to handout promotional materials about the program and contact information for veterans in order to attain 100 percent participation in the program.


For more information about the HUD-VASH program in Kentucky, you may contact Sonja Redmon, Office of Public Housing Revitalization Specialist, at (502) 618-8146.