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Local Office Contacts in Illinois

Local Office Contacts

Name Title Phone Number
Daniel J. Burke Director, Chicago Multifamily Hub (312) 913-8152
Mary Anderson Director of Operations

(312) 913-8102

Debbie Gray Director, Project Management (312) 913-8142
Darletta Baugh Supervisory Project Manager (312) 913-8160
Gail Burks Supervisory Project Manager (312) 913-8121
Sharon King Supervisory Project Manager (312) 913-8126
Ryan Lafollette Supervisory Project Manager (312) 913-8181
Mary E. Watkins Senior Project Manager Coordinator (312) 913-8552

For general information about either the Project Management Branch or the Operations Branch in the Chicago Multifamily Hub please send an email to Mary E. Watkins, Senior Project Manager or call (312) 353-6236, ext. 8141.