American Dream Downpayment Initiative (ADDI)
Program Contacts in Georgia

Funds made available under the ADDI statute have been allocated to State and local governments to assist families with incomes below 80 percent of the median income for their area and are first-time homebuyers.

The ADDI funds may be used to pay part of the up-front costs of purchasing a principal residence, and the reasonable and necessary costs incurred by the homebuyer, locality, or lender associated with the purchase. In addition, a limited percentage of the funds may be used for property rehabilitation.

To receive assistance under the ADDI, you should contact either the State or local government that is administering the program.

Athens-Clarke County
Keith McNeely
Department of Human and Economic Development
Athens, GA
Telephone: (706) 613-3157 x1202

Atlanta, City of
Rhonda Ducharme
Administrative Assistant
Bureau of Housing
Atlanta, GA
Telephone: (404) 330-6727

Augusta, City of
LaSandra Corley
Housing and Neighborhood Development Department
Augusta, GA
Telephone: (706) 821-1797 x9

Clayton County
Chuck Johnson
Assistant Director
Clayton County Housing and Community Development Program
Jonesboro, GA
Telephone: (770) 210-5211

Cobb County
Lance Crawford
Cobb County Community Development Program
Marietta, GA
Telephone: (770) 528-4630

Columbus, City of
Michelle Valrie
Housing Management
Columbus, GA
Telephone: (706) 225-3917

DeKalb County
Dwayne Hartman
Housing Program Coordinator, Senior
DeKalb County Community Development Department
1807 Candler Road
Decatur, GA 30032
Telephone: (404) 286-3369

Telephone: (404) 286-3350/3346

Fulton County
Valmarie Turner
Environment and Community Development Department
Atlanta, GA
Telephone: (404) 730-8083

Gwinnett County
Bill Megaro
Housing Programs Coordinator
Gwinnett County Community Development Program
Lawrenceville, GA
Telephone: (770) 822-5190

Macon, City of
Harold Wilson
Assistant Director
Economic and Community Development Department
Macon, GA
Telephone: (478) 751-7190

Wanzina Jackson
Economic and Community Development Department
Telephone: (478) 803-2402

Savannah, City of
Darrel Daise
CHSA Director
Savannah, GA
Telephone: (912) 651-2169

State of Georgia Department of Community Affairs (DCA)

The three DCA employees listed below will be taking ADDI phone calls and communications:

Stephanie Hatton (404) 679-0657
Angela Gregory (404) 679-4847
Kathleen Maguire (404) 679-0662