Princeton Towers
Seniors celebrate improved quality of life

Princeton Towers seniors celebrate renovations to their homes.

From left, Steve Hydinger, BREC Development; Ian Patton, SPM Property Management; Andrea Hendricks, Senior Account Executive at HUD; Lisa McCarroll, Navigate Affordable Housing Partners.

The colors, the new cabinets, the improved security, the refurbished courtyard! Residents of Princeton Towers in Birmingham's West End community are ecstatic.

The place they call home, two adjacent towers built in 1978 and 1983 for senior housing, was in real need for an upgrade. Owners of the property applied for mortgage loan for $3.5 million to make the necessary repairs. The loan was insured by HUD in April of 2016 and changes began.

Repairs included the installation of new security cameras, wood like flooring throughout the common areas of the buildings and in the main living area of the apartments, colorful paint on the walls where tenants exit the elevators, new cabinets in each unit, a new roof in the area connecting the property, and a newly refurbished courtyard for the tenants to sit outside and enjoy fresh air.

Friday July 14 was the seniors' turn to rejoice. All 240 units have been re-done. Patricia Hoban-Moore, HUD's field Office Director in Alabama, and the HUD team attending the event were received by residents and staff with heartfelt appreciation to HUD for the support given to the project. Residents said they felt safer and appreciated as a result of the improvements.

A barbeque lunch, with ice cream as dessert, was the perfect note to declare end of construction and a brand-new chapter with improved quality of life in their homes.