U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
                                Originating Organization:
Special Attention of:                        Interim Notice  98-0001 ADM I
Directives Mgmt.  Officers                    Issued: May 12, 1998
 and Alternates at Hdqtrs.                   Expires: September 11 , 1998
                           Cross References:  handbook 000.2 REV-1
Subject:  Automated Clearance of Draft Directives
Policy and Responsibility
Effective immediately, offices originating new or revised directives will
clear their drafts via the new, automated HUD Directives Review System (HDRS),
located in the HUDweb Resource Library.  In addition, offices receiving those
drafts for review will make use of HDRS.  An organization's Directives
Management Officer (DMO) or Alternate DMO will coordinate clearances.
Procedures in Organizations Originating Directives
Staff persons originating directives will provide the DMO (or Alternate DMO)
with a diskette of the proposed directive, two hard copies, and an indication
of official approval of the draft.  As an alternative to the diskette, the
staff person may send the DMO a word processing file (up to 200 pages long)
via cc:mail.
The DMO will follow the internal procedures of his/her organization to obtain
signatory approval on a form HUD-22, Departmental Clearance and Approval
Record, to place the draft in clearance.  After receiving such approval, the
DMO will make use of the HUD Directives Review System, setting response
deadline dates in accordance with time frames spelled out in Chapter 4,
Clearance, of handbook 000.2  REV-1, HUD Directives System.
NOTE: In accordance with that handbook, the Departmental Directives Management
Officer (DDMO) in the Office of Administration oversees the HUD Directives
System.  The DDMO must approve any proposed exception to the requirement to
use HDRS.
The New, Automated System
HDRS is menu-driven and user-friendly.  Users include review-coordinators,
reviewers, and approvers of the response to a draft.  HDRS is one component of
the overall clearance system within the HUD Directives System.
ARS:     Distribution: W-3-1
The HUD Directives Review System lets the originating organization clear a
draft without printing and delivering large numbers of paper copies.  It lets
receiving organizations review and respond electronically.
Procedures in Organizations Receiving Directives
The DMO for a receiving organization sends out the electronic draft for
review, receives a response from each reviewing office, and takes the steps
necessary to provide his/her organization's official response to the
originating organization.
Reviewing offices are free to develop their own procedures for getting
approvals of proposed responses at various levels--immediate supervisor,
next-level supervisor, etc.  For example, an office might have a staff-level
reviewer cc:mail a proposed response to the immediate supervisor.  When this
person approves, he/she would forward to the next level, etc.  The approving
official of the reviewing office, i.e., the individual with authority to sign
a HUD-22, would cc:mail the formal response to his/her organization's
coordinating DMO.
Questions Regarding the HUD Directives Review System
System users may direct any technical questions, via cc:mail, to Joyce C.
Hamm, Departmental Directives Management Officer, who will take steps to
obtain an answer.  DMOs or Alternates can answer general questions from other
HDRS users within their organizations.