U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
                              Office of Administration
Special Attention of:                        Notice 97-2 ADM
Forms Management Officers                Issued:  May 1, 1997
Administrative Service Directors        Expires:  September 30, 1997
                                   Cross References:  HB 2135.1 REV-3
Subject:  Departmental Forms Index
          Contents:      Attachment 1   Forms Management Liaison
                         Attachment 2   Current Forms
                         Attachment 3   Forms Related to Automated
                         Attachment 4   New Forms or Newly Revised
                                        Forms Released Since September
                         Attachment 5   Forms Cancelled Since
                                        September 1996
                         There is also a listing of forms that are
                         associated with a number of the Department's
                         automated systems (Attachment 3).  We have
                         included the form number, title, the related
                         ADP System number, and an acronym or
                         shorthand title for the system.  For more
                         details about automated systems, use the
                         Inventory of Automated Systems, also on the
                         There have been additions and deletions to
                         the forms inventory since the last index was
                         published.  Attachments 4-5 should help
                         pinpoint those changes.
                         For the latest changes in current and
                         cancelled forms, use HUDCLIPS.  HUDCLIPS is
                         updated monthly.
          Forms Index    Copies of the Index can be obtained from HUDCLIPS,
          Is Also on     located on all HUD Lans, or from HUD's print
          LAN            on-demand service by calling 1-800-767-7468.
          Changes or     Report changes or corrections to:
          Corrections:   U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development
                         Forms Management Branch, AMIIM
                         Rm 4176, Washington, D.C.  20410-3000
                         (202) 708-1305
AII: Distribution:  W-3-1
                                                            ATTACHMENT 1
Administration                     AM   Wayne Eddins        202-708-1305
  Administrative & Mgmt. Svcs.     ARS  Ruby Gill           202-708-1891
  Information Technology           AMI  Wayne Eddins        202-708-1305
  Budget                           ARB  Barbara Conway      202-708-3296
  Procurement & Contracts          ARC  Marilyn Parker      202-708-1290
  Human Resources                  ARH  Patrick Hoyle       202-708-1392
Chief Financial Officer            F    Patrick Wallis      202-708-0313
Community Planning & Development   D    Shirley Manko       202-708-2087
Fair Housing & Equal Opportunity   E    Josie D. Harrison   202-708-2701
Inspector General                  G    Peggy Proctor       202-708-2397
Congressional & Intergovern. Rela. J    Wanda Murrell       202-708-0380
Housing-Federal Housing Comm.      H    Barbara Smith       202-708-1694
Government National Mtg. Assoc.    T    Lavern Johnson      202-708-3649
Policy Development & Research      R    Charles Taylor      202-708-1796
Public & Indian Housing            P    Millie Hamman       202-708-0846
Public Affairs                     W    Sherrill Hawkins    202-708-4398
HUD Departmental Forms Staff, AMIIM     Wayne Eddins        202-708-1305
                                        Bob Van Fleet       202-708-1305
                                        Terri Hawkins Swann 202-708-1305