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Campus of Learners
Campus of Learners is an initiative designed to provide public housing residents at 25 sites with an opportunity to live in a collegelike setting that is focused on learning. It is part of a larger effort to transform public housing and stimulate welfare reform.

The aim of Campus of Learners is to change 25 selected public housing projects in cities across the Nation into campuses where every resident is pursuing educational opportunities. Public housing authorities (PHAs) also need to tap into private- and public-sector resources to provide job training, education, and employment opportunities to residents in public housing developments.

Type of Assistance:
The Campus of Learners designation enhances the PHAs' ability to set up creative partnerships with school districts, universities, community colleges, and corporations. HUD provides technical assistance but no direct funding. Designation has been a useful tool in leveraging efforts to garner Federal and non-Federal financial and inkind resources.

Eligible Grantees:
PHAs can apply for Campus of Learners designation if they belong to a partnership that can include local and State education agencies, institutions of higher education, academic content experts, and telecommunication providers.

Eligible Customers:
Campus of Learners benefits residents of all ages of the designated 25 public housing communities by helping to create learning opportunities and a better living environment that can move them from welfare to work.

Eligible Activities:
PHAs designated for the program work with local school districts to develop curricula, strengthen parent-teacher relationships, establish afterschool activities, create adult education classes, and encourage parental involvement. Campuses draw on the resources of universities, vocational or technical institutes, and colleges through the creation of specialized education and technology classes. The business community and other private-sector partners provide internships, job-training and employment opportunities, mentoring for children and adults, telecommunications resources, afterschool youth sports, apprenticeship programs for youth, and job-training positions for adults.

Applications are no longer being accepted.

Funding Status:
The Campus of Learners program was initiated in 1996 but does not include separate funding.

Technical Guidance:
There is no separate statutory authority for Campus of Learners. The initiative is administered by HUD's Office of Public and Indian Housing. Beverly B. Hardy is the program officer; her telephone number is (202) 708-4214 extension 4254.

For More Information:
Information about the Campus of Learners program and a designation kit can be obtained from the Resident Initiatives Clearinghouse at 1-800-955-2232 or (202) 708-0614.

Success Stories:
The 1996 publication Campus of Learners Designation Kit from the Office of Public and Indian Housing describes one of the first projects: the North Lincoln Homes Campus of Learners in Denver, Colorado, is a partnership of the Denver Housing Authority; Telecommunications, Inc. (TCI); the Community College of Denver; Denver University; and the Denver school district. Together, they will provide a network of educational resources, streamlined access to family services, and viable employment and training programs to move North Lincoln's public housing residents from public assistance into self-sufficiency. All 206 apartments in North Lincoln Homes will be wired for computers. In coordination with TCI, access to high technology computer learning services will be provided at an onsite family learning center at North Lincoln Homes.