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Transformation Division

The Transformation Division focuses on achieving operational excellence in the areas of human resources, information technology, budgeting, acquisitions, and grants management.

The Project Management Office (PMO) facilitates the successful completion of high-priority projects that address critical challenges the Department faces, involve complex issues that cross organizational boundaries, can benefit from senior leadership focus, and represent ways we are working smarter in a more constrained fiscal environment. The PMO works with project implementation teams, providing assistance with process planning to obtain decisions and resources, providing an objective perspective to help analyze and solve problems, providing project management templates to support project execution and focus senior leadership on major project milestones, helping to track performance measures that communicate progress and impact of projects, and communicating project successes.

The Analysis & Engagement Team within the Transformation Division provides support throughout the agency to improve HUD processes and procedures, increase employee engagement and improve customer service. The key activities for the team are Switchboard, Data Collection and Analysis, Operational Excellence and Strategic Communications.

  • Switchboard provides HUD with the technological tools and functional channels necessary to interact meaningfully with citizens, stakeholders, and staff by:

    • Welcoming and encouraging creative ideation to improve HUD's programs, policies, and operations, and engaging those interested in the process of putting those ideas into action;
    • Creating avenues of feedback for individuals or organizations on matters that affect them;
    • Making decisions through open, transparent, and democratic crowdsourcing; and
    • Providing timely, friendly, and helpful support in HUD's customer care functions.

Primarily, users interact with Switchboard through an interactive site allowing them to submit and support ideas and feedback, and through project mentors who assist them through the idea implementation process.

  • The team also provides robust data collection and analysis to create transparency and provide information to decision makers using a variety of tools:

    • The team assists with the development, administration, and analysis of surveys in order to help offices collect key data needed to make decisions, including the monthly Pulse survey, used to track progress towards improvement in key HUD projects and initiatives. Moreover, when Employee Viewpoint Survey results are received, the team is responsible for data analysis and assists in action planning.
    • This team also tracks and analyzes data and coordinates discussions focused on HUD's Operational Excellence goals in order to achieve our operational excellence objectives as laid out in the Strategic Plan. This will include development of dashboards in the HUDStat BI tool focused on HUD's operational performance.
    • The team provides consulting and assistance with development of new data collection and analysis tools using a variety of software including MS Excel, MS Database, Sharepoint, Infopath, and VBA solutions.
  • Supporting all of these efforts are Strategic communications delivered by the team to improve transparency and engage employees:

    • New issue forums and implemented ideas on Switchboard are advertised via Town Halls, HUD@work, and HUD Happenings.
    • The team assists with communications surrounding the opening, results, and subsequent action items of the EVS.
    • Pulse survey results are published monthly in HUD Happenings.
    • The Switchboard and the Pulse Survey is also promoted throughout the agency, such as at senior team meetings, to encourage program offices to use these tools.