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Performance Management Division

The Performance Management Division is charged with establishing targets, measuring progress, and driving improvement towards the achievement of the goals established in HUDÔÇÖs Strategic Plan. The Division facilitates the quarterly and annual progress updates as required by A-11. These strategic meetings provide a forum for a data-driven discussion of HUDÔÇÖs strategies and results to achieve the Agency Priority Goals established by the Secretary and the senior leadership team. The Performance Management Division also collects and manages agency-wide performance data, and is enhancing the ability of HUD staff across the country to use that data to improve outcomes. The Division also works to spread best practices in performance evaluation and data-oriented management throughout the Agency.

Performance Plans and Reports

Performance Management Projects

Agency Priority Goals

A-11 requires HUD develop a data-driven discussion of progress towards Agency Priority Goals and the operational and policy actions needed to reach and surpass our targets. Agency Priority Goals address:

  • Homeownership and Financial Viability of HUD FHA Services
  • Rental Assistance
  • Addressing Homelessness
  • Promoting Economic Opportunity

Planning and Reporting

The Performance Management DivisionÔÇÖs planning work establishes the foundation for all agency performance management lifecycle activities, including the development and implementation of all processes required to support APGs. This includes the development and publication of the Strategic Plan, the Annual Performance Review, and Annual Performance Plan, the development and maintenance of data gathering tools and processes, and coordination with all stakeholders on performance reporting.