HUD Success Stories: Shifting from Low-Value to High-Value Work

Cross-Agency Priority (CAP) Goals are long-term targets agencies use to implement the President’s Management Agenda (PMA).  CAP Goals are designed to drive interagency collaboration to tackle government-wide management challenges.

The CAP Goal for Shifting from Low- to High-Value Work focuses on shifting time, effort, and funding toward accomplishing mission-critical objectives, instead of obsolete and unnecessary compliance activities.  It encompasses Federal agencies’ current efforts to identify burdensome and low-return practices, streamline operations, reform regulations, and allow employees to focus on the mission-critical aspects of their jobs.

Secretary Carson’s Prescription for HUD aims to improve the Department’s program outcomes and strengthen internal operations.  The Prescription works to ensure employees are not tied down by inefficient processes that impede the HUD’s service delivery.

Below are some of the ways HUD is meeting this charge to streamline its processes.  In 2019, HUD made great progress towards its strategic goals to advance economic opportunity, protect taxpayer funds, and streamline operations. Read more about HUD’s 2019 Accomplishments.


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