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Improving HUD's Efficiency & Effectiveness


HUD aims to improve the Department's program outcomes and strengthen internal operations, in line with the President's Management Agenda (PMA), to ensure that employees are not tied down by inefficient processes that impede HUD's service delivery. HUD's 2018-2022 Strategic Plan details the strategic goals and objectives the Department is pursuing. HUD’s Strategic Plan also fulfills the PMA's various Cross-Agency Priority (CAP) Goals through its alignment to the government-wide management improvement targets set by each Goal. Yearly updates and progress reports on HUD's strategic priorities are also available in HUD's Annual Performance Plans and Reports. Each plan and report establishes targets, measures progress, and drives improvement towards the achievement of HUD's Strategic Plan. The annual planning documents also detail HUD's progress toward its Agency Priority Goals and the Strategic Plan's alignment to the overarching President's Management Agenda.


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Success Stories

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Protecting Individuals and Families at Home

Protect Families from Lead-Based Paint and Other Health Hazards Video


Narrowing the Digital Divide in HUD-Assisted Communities

Narrowing the Digital Divide in HUD-Assisted Communities


OCFO's Use of Robotics

Robotics Video Robotics Steals the Show at HUD


FHA IT Modernization

FHA IT Modernization Video


Improving HUD's Financial Health

From 5 to 1: Continuing to Improve HUD’s Financial Health From 9 to 5: How OCFO is Improving HUD’s Financial Health


Accountability, Integrity, and Risk

AIR Video


Supporting Affordable Communications

A Lifeline for Public Housing Residents in Support of Affordable Communications


A Better Clearance Process

Clearly A Better Clearance Process


Improving Employee Performance

Competency Assessment: Tailored Feedback to Improve Employee Performance


OCFO Allotment Manager

Going Digital: How the Allotment Manager Reduced Paper-Based Approvals


Enhancing HUD's Mission Delivery

Summary: Prototype Tools to Enhance HUD’s Mission Delivery


Risk to Aid HUD's Operation

Risk to Aid HUD's Operation


Improving Data Collection

Standards for Success: Taking Data Collection to the Next Level


Optimizing Grants Management System

Optimizing the Healthy Homes Grants Management System


Grant Streamlining and Outreach

Increasing Opportunity through Grant Streamlining and Outreach


Grant Program to Impact Homelessness

Re-Imagining HUD’s Largest Competitive Grant Program to Impact Homelessness