FY 2022 HUDRD CDBG Disaster Recovery Outcomes of Renter Households

This NOFO announces the availability of $1,400,000 for two research projects (about $700,000 each). The goal of this research is to improve disaster recovery effectiveness for renter households by examining the disaster recovery outcomes of renter households and rental housing stock in places that received Community Development Block Grant-Disaster Recovery grants (CDBG-DR). In order to understand renter challenges and barriers that are exacerbated by disasters and ways that CDBG-DR may facilitate quicker and more comprehensive recovery of these households, two distinct studies are solicited here:

Project 1: Disaster Recovery Outcomes of Renter Households. A study on the recovery outcomes of renter households following disasters, the factors (including barriers to accessing recovery resources and mechanisms of Federal and local implementation of CDBG-DR grants), that can contribute to such outcomes, and the opportunities for changes to legislation, policy and program implementation that can improve upon such outcomes; and

Project 2: Post-disaster Impacts on Rental Housing Markets. A study on the short- and long-term impacts of disasters on renter housing stock that is affordable to low- or moderate-income households and assessment of initiatives that have attempted to prevent loss of affordable housing stock following disasters.

NOTE: Applicants may apply for one or both projects under this announcement. Applicants applying for more than one project must submit a separate application for each project. Applicants may submit only one application per project. No person may be listed as a principal investigator on more than one application per project under this announcement. Applicants applying to both solicitations should not submit interdependent projects that assume funding awards for both. HUD anticipates funding two research projects with $700,000-budgets, but reserves the right to increase funding awarded for one study and decrease funding awarded for the other if an application for one project is particularly promising.

Program Office:  Policy Development and Research

Funding Opportunity Title:  HUDRD CDBG Disaster Recovery Outcomes of Renter Households

Funding Opportunity Number:  FR-6600-N-29A

Assistance Listing Number:  14.536

Due Date for Applications: 7/11/2022
Preference Points: This program offers HBCU preference points. Please see Notice for details. 

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FONSI: Not applicable

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