FY 2022 and FY 2023 Distressed Cities Technical Assistance (DCTA) Program

Program Description

Through this NOFO, HUD is announcing the availability of at least one award for $5 million in FY 2022 funding and one award of up to $5 million in FY 2023 funding to provide technical Page 4 of 43

assistance (TA) to units of general local government (UGLGs) and their non-profit partners serving communities experiencing economic hardship. This includes distressed UGLGs and UGLGs experiencing persistent poverty. This NOFO refers to UGLGs and their non-profit partners as “TA recipients.” The objectives of the funds awarded through this NOFO include:

Improve TA recipients’ understanding of relevant financial management principles and practices, including (1) building internal capacity to manage and pursue funding sources, (2) proactively engaging with the budgeting process, and (3) developing and implementing multi-year financial plans to address TA recipient needs.

Improve TA recipients’ internal processes for (1) collecting and utilizing local data to inform processes such as decision making, (2) strategically organizing and managing human capital to be effective and efficient, and (3) building partnerships across sectors to expand capacity.

Build TA recipients’ capacity to identify, implement, and monitor strategies or plans for economic revitalization or stabilization, including in neighborhoods experiencing persistent poverty.

Enhance TA recipients’ ability to identify, access, and leverage funding sources and other resources to (1) build internal capacity and (2) to finance and support economic revitalization and stabilization projects in the community.

The technical assistance provided through this NOFO will be scaled to meet TA recipient needs and capacity to engage in the TA process. To that end, we are seeking awardees that will take a communicative and responsive approach to technical assistance. The experience and expertise needed includes a variety of topics: holistic financial management; governance and administration; public leadership development; negotiation and mediation across sectors; local data collection and analysis; community project and plan implementation; equitable civic engagement and participatory processes; Spanish language fluency; U.S. territory policies and programs, and tribal government relations. You are encouraged to procure consultants and contractors, as set forth in 2 CFR 200, as necessary that demonstrate experience across these topic areas.

Important Notes: This NOFO is not part of the comprehensive “Community Compass Technical Assistance and Capacity Building Program.” Applicants should thoroughly review this NOFO to ensure that they have the necessary skills to provide the technical assistance described in this NOFO. HUD maintains substantial involvement in the administration, coordination, and oversight of this Program and its awardees. Collaboration across awardees and with HUD is expected throughout award and project periods. This involvement and collaboration with HUD will be further detailed in cooperative agreement provisions if your application is successful and you are issued an award. Previous DCTA cooperative agreement provisions may be reviewed at https://www.hud.gov/program_offices/comm_planning/cpdta/guidance.

Deadline: The application deadline is 11:59:59 PM Eastern time on

05/19/2023 Submit your application to Grants.gov unless a waiver has been issued allowing you to submit a paper application. Instructions for submitting your paper application will be contained in the waiver of electronic submission

Preference Points

This NOFO supports the following policy initiatives. If your application demonstrates the appropriate information for the policy initiative, your application will receive up to two (2) points for each initiative, and will receive no more than a total of four (4) points. These points are added to your application's overall score.  Minority-Serving Institutions (2 points)

Program Office: Policy Development and Research

Funding Opportunity Title:  FY22 and FY23 Distressed Cities Technical Assistance (DCTA) Program

Funding Opportunity Number:  FR-6700-N-54

Assistance Listing Number (formerly CFDA Number): 14.259

Due Date for Applications: 05/19/2023

Program NOFO

Questions regarding specific program requirements for this NOFO should be directed to the POC listed below.


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Individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing, or who have speech and other communication disabilities may use a relay service to reach the agency contact. To learn more about how to make an accessible telephone call, visit the webpage for the Federal Communications Commission. Note that HUD staff cannot assist applicants in preparing their applications.