FY 2021 Education and Outreach (EOI) Tester Trainer Program

The Fair Housing Initiatives Program is a significant source of funding for FHIP grantees that conduct fair housing testing in local communities across the country. Fair housing testing refers to the use of testers who, without any bona fide intent to rent or purchase property, pose as prospective renters or buyers of real estate for the purpose of determining whether housing providers and others are complying with the federal Fair Housing Act.

The Department continues to be vigilant about ensuring that testing performed by testers with FHIP funds adhere to HUD’s investigatory standards so that it yields credible, objective and admissible evidence to aid in the enforcement of the federal Fair Housing Act. The Department acknowledges that great variation exists in the quality of fair housing testing performed by FHIP grantees. Some grantees have consistently demonstrated that testing produces strong evidence that can be used to forge effective legal challenges to discriminatory housing practices. Still some grantees exhibit lesser capabilities and uneven or less accomplished tract record. HUD recognizes the need to continually improve and standardized the quality of testing provided by testers employed by FHIP grantees.

In response to this concern, this Education and Outreach Initiative NOFO makes available in FY 2021, $500,000 to support fair housing tester training courses that provide consistent training in the general area of testing. HUD also recognizes that testers may be specialized in specific areas of testing (lending, insurance, etc.), and that testers will need more than the general tester training to provide high quality services. Therefore, the NOFO will also support specific tester training courses in the areas of lending and insurance to help meet the needs and requirements of the FHIP program.

Preference Points: This NOFO offers 2 points for either Opportunity Zone Designation, Promise Zone Designation and/or Historically Black College and University (HBCU) Designation

Program Office: Office of Fair Housing and Equal Opportunities (FHEO)

Funding Opportunity Title: Education and Outreach (EOI) Tester Trainer Program NOFO

Assistance Listing  Number: 14.417

FAIN (FR) Number:  6500-N- 71A

OMB Approval Numbers: 2529-0033

Estimated Opening Date: 4/28/21

Estimated Deadline Date:  06/14/2021

Agency Contact:  Questions regarding specific program requirements for this NOFO should be directed to Kimberly.R.Harley@hud.gov. Persons with hearing or speech impairments may access this number via TTY by calling the toll-free Federal Relay Service at 800-877-8339. Please note that HUD staff cannot assist applicants in preparing their applications.

Program NOFO