FY 2020 Tribal HUD-VASH Expansion

The Tribal HUD-VA Supportive Housing (Tribal HUD-VASH) demonstration program was established under the Consolidated and Further Continuing Appropriations Act, 2015 (Public Law 113-235, approved December 16, 2014) (2015 Appropriations Act), and provides grants to Indian Tribes and Tribally Designated Housing Entities (TDHEs) eligible to receive block grants under the Native American Housing Assistance and Self-Determination Act of 1996 (NAHASDA). Grantees use HUD funding towards rental assistance for Native American Veterans who are homeless or at risk of homelessness, living on or near a reservation or other Indian areas. Under Tribal HUD-VASH, Indian Tribes and TDHEs must partner with the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to provide case management and supportive services, including healthcare assistance, to eligible Native American Veterans. On March 2, 2016, HUD published a Federal Register Notice (81 FR 10880) entitled “Tribal HUD–VA Supportive Housing Program Awards, Fiscal Year 2015” notifying the public regarding HUD’s funding decisions under the Tribal HUD-VASH program for Fiscal Year 2015. In total, 26 Indian Tribes and TDHEs were selected to participate in the demonstration program.

The Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2017 (Pub. L. 115-31, approved May 5, 2017) (2017 Appropriations Act) provided HUD with $7 million for the Tribal HUD-VASH demonstration program. Congress directed HUD to use this funding to provide renewal grants to the original Indian Tribes and TDHEs that received funding under the demonstration program. After awarding renewal funding, Congress authorized HUD to use any remaining amounts appropriated to fund new grants. In September 2018, HUD provided the original 26 Indian Tribes and TDHEs participating in the program with $3,765,568 of the $7 million in renewal funding. In accordance with the 2017 Appropriations Act, this NOFA establishes the criteria HUD will use to award the remaining $3,234,432 for new grants.

Of this total, HUD intends to award up to $2,234,432 to eligible Indian Tribes and TDHEs that have not previously received a Tribal HUD-VASH grant.  HUD intends to award up to $1 million to Indian Tribes and TDHEs currently participating in the Tribal HUD-VASH program that have continued to demonstrate administrative capacity and need based on the funding criteria described in this NOFA.  

HUD expects to make approximately 25 awards from the funds available under this NOFA. 

Preference Points: This NOFA does not offer  preference points.

Program Office: Office of Public and Indian Housing  

Funding Opportunity Title: Tribal HUD-VASH Expansion

FAIN: FR-6400-N-73

Assistance Listing  Number: 14.889

OMB Approval Numbers: 2577-0169

Opening Date  1/15/2021

Deadline Date: 04/15/2021

Program NOFO - Technical Correction removes boiler plate language from page 52 of 56 Section VI. B., of the original posting of this funding opportunity.  Application deadline date remains the same.

Agency Contact:  Questions regarding specific program requirements for this NOFO should be directed to TribalHUDVASH@hud.govPersons with hearing or speech impairments may access this number via TTY by calling the toll-free Federal Relay Service at 800-877-8339. Please note that HUD staff cannot assist applicants in preparing their applications.