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Grants Management and Oversight Division

The Grants Management and Oversight Division (GMO) is responsible for guidance and policies related to competitive grant programs. This includes issuing guidance for Notices of Funding Availability (NOFA); ensuring compliance with pertinent regulation such as 2 CFR 200, the GONE Act, the Data Act, and the HUD Reform Act of 1989; and ensuring consistency with HUD's strategic goals and policies. GMO is also undertaking multiple initiatives in support of the federal-wide Cross Agency Priority Goal on Results-Oriented Accountability for Grants.

  GMO coordinates with the Transformation and Performance Divisions in the Office of Business Transformation on process improvement and performance measurement initiatives as well.

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Our Staff

Rita Yorkshire, Acting Director

Alexander Cole, Management & Program Analyst

Maresa Gold, Management & Program Analyst

J. Malcom Smith, Management & Program Analyst

DeNita Square-Smith, Management & Program Analyst

Andrala Walker, Management & Program Analyst

Thaddeus Wincek, Management & Program Analyst