Contract Award Tips

Read and understand all parts of the contract.
The contract sets forth your obligations and rights, and protects you and the agency. 

Comply with specifications.
The specifications or scope of work precisely describe the properties of materials, the dimensions, quality and reli­ability levels, as well as other characteristics required.

Consult the contracting officer.
Any questions about the contract terms and delivery should be raised with the contracting officer.

Get it in writing.
If the contracting officer orders changes, make sure they are well documented.

Know the payment procedure.
Check the contract’s instructions for submitting invoices. Follow billing instructions carefully.

Bill the government accurately.
Submit a bill that is accurate. Errors in billing can delay your contract payment.

Make sure your accounting system meets government requirements.
This is especially important when the contract permits price revisions based on costs.

Maintain records.
Keep all relevant documents whether required by the contract or not.

Deliver on schedule.
Observe all time requirements for deliverables.