System Requirements
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Minimum Requirements

In order to run IMS/PIC properly, HUD recommends a workstation with the following minimum requirements:

  • Computer with Pentium III processor or higher (or equivalent Apple Mac)
  • 1000 MB or larger hard drive
  • 512 MB or more RAM
  • VGA or better Monitor
  • 54.4Kbps modem connected to an outside telephone line or a direct, broadband connection to the Internet
  • Operating system capable of Internet access
  • Internet Browser (with 128-bit SSL encryption and the latest security patches installed): Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or later, or Netscape 8.0 or later, or Firefox 2.0 or later, or Opera 9.0 or later

Internet Browser Preferences

The ability to set preferences allows the user to choose the settings they favor within the web browser. IMS/PIC will operate more efficiently if your Internet browser has certain preferences set. In some cases, IMS/PIC will not run if your Internet browser preferences have incorrect settings.

How do I find out what browser I have?

  1. Click on "Help" in your browser.
  2. There will be a menu option that begins with "About (browser name)". Select this option to determine which browser and version you are using.

Preferences for all browsers

  1. Your browser must accept "cookies"
  2. Caching must be turned off so that the browser gets a new copy of the page every time
  3. Your browser must use 128-bit encryption (SSL)
  4. Security should be set initially to "medium" or "default" (experiment with higher settings later)
  5. Turn off "Autocomplete" for passwords
  6. You must disable pop-up blocking for the IMS/PIC web site in order to see IMS/PIC reports

Upgrading Your Internet Browser

If you already have an Internet browser, but you need a newer version, you can upgrade your browser free of charge on the Internet For information on downloading a newer version of your current browser, please visit these web sites:

Please note that listing these web sites does not constitute an endorsement by HUD, or any of its employees, of the sponsors of these sites or the products presented on these sites.

Finding an Internet Service Provider

In order to obtain an Internet Service Provider in your area, you can look in the Yellow Pages of the telephone book under "Computers." Usually there is a section called "On-line Access Providers" or similar language which will give you a list of companies in your area that can provide Internet access. It may be helpful to call two or three providers to compare prices and services. Only basic Internet service is needed to use IMS/PIC to submit data or access IMS/PIC.

In many cases, the Internet Service Provider will provide Internet browser software and will provide assistance for installing the software, configuring a modem, and accessing the Internet. You should ensure that the provider you select does, in fact, provide the support. Once installed, access to the Internet will require a connection from your computer to a phone or cable TV line via a phone or cable modem. The Internet Service Provider may also be able to provide Internet access through a direct DSL connection.

Purchasing a Computer or Internet Service

Operating funds and/or Capital funds can be used to purchase or lease computers and Internet services that meet the requirements for using the Public and Indian Housing Information Center.

If your Housing Authority cannot meet the technical requirements, please contact your Field Office. Your Field Office may have additional suggestions for you such as using a computer at your local library or office services store or leasing a system.