PIC RAD Relationship
  • Housing Agencies (HAs) apply to participate in the RAD program by creating an inventory removal application in PIC (RAD-PBV and RAD-PBRA are two of the 20+ flavors of inventory removals).
  • The application is created (Draft status) and submitted to HUD (Submitted status). The HA’s PIC work is now done.
  • The RAD office, working with the Special Application Center (SAC) identify the applications that will be reviewed (Under Review status) and approved (HQ Approved status).
  • Once approved, the HA proceeds to do the necessary work to lead to a Commitment to enter into a Housing Assistance Payment contract (CHAP).
  • Once the property has been “CHAPed”, the SAC, working with the RAD office, will process the actual removals of buildings and units. This process is unique to RAD – normally the HA enters the actual removals from inventory and the field office reviews and approves the removals, but with RAD, HUD does the work of the HA in the removals.

Below is a screenshot showing an example of a PH development that’s been removed.

Screenshot of PIC system
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